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Left page: the library and museum at Berkhampsted school.
Right page: top, the Old Hall; bottom, the school cloisters.

Left page: top, a group comprising bride and groom, seven bridesmaids and two couples, annotated 'Kay Tomlinson's wedding'.
Bottom, four men walking abreast, three wearing top hat and tails and one a vicar.
Right page: top left, a rural scene, top…

Left page: top left, a report of a gorse fire on Harpenden Common. Centre, seagull in flight, annotated 'original photograph taken by Bob'.Top right, weather report; middle, attendees at a police dance, annotated 'Geoff Shaw was in the same squadron…

Left page: from top, descriptions of the Magister, Anson and Whitley aircraft, annotated 'RAF aircraft in which Bob did his training'.
Whitley aircraft, B-DY, C-DY and E-DY, flying in formation; bottom, crashed Whitley MH-H, annotated 'Usworth 17 11…

Left page: top, an advertisement for a hotel.
Bottom left, view of a cathedral.
Bottom right, view of terraced fields.
Right page: top two rows reports family engagements; centre; a list of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserves including R V…

Classifies aircraft by engines, wings, fuselages, tails and landing gear. Lists many aircraft under these headings with diagrams of aircraft.

This item is available only at the University of Lincoln.

A pencil drawing sketch of a stage coach being pulled by two horses.

A small sheet of paper with part of a brass rubbing.

An aiming point certificate comprising a sketch of a Lancaster on the ground with rotating propellers It is captioned 'Genoa 61 Squadron 7/8 November 1942 S/Ldr Deas, Sgt Talbot, Sgt Davies, Sgt Taylor, F/Sgt Nightingale, Sgt Munro, F/Lt Leonard'. It…

Sketch of a Lancaster dropping bombs, amidst searchlights, cloud and smoke. Each bomb is labelled with the crew member's names 'F/Sgt Turner, F/Sgt Anderson, Sgt Davies, Sgt Hunter, Sgt Coombes, Sgt Cass and Sgt Osterloh'. Below the sketch is a…

First, a sketch of a Lancaster in flight, captioned 'Wismar, 12/13.X.42 F/Sgt Turner, F/Sgt Anderson, Sgt Davies, Sgt Hunter, Sgt Coombes, Sgt Cass, Sgt Osterloh. 61 Squadron.' Signed 'A Pollen P/O 1942.' Second, four men in uniform and side caps…

First, a sketch of a Lancaster in flight, captioned 'Duisburg, 6/7 Sept. 1942 F/Sgt Turner, Sgt Anderson, Sgt Davies, Sgt Hunter, Sgt Coombes, Sgt Cass, Sgt Osterloh. 61 Squadron.' Signed 'A Pollen P/O 1942.' Second, the damaged port engine of a…

A spoof photograph of a crew of five aboard a flying carpet. The pilot is wearing a light coloured flying suit and using a broomstick as a control column. An airman is crouching over the pilot looking through a telescope, another sits beside a camera…

Cartoon of the aftermath of an operation with a Lancaster flying overhead. It shows Hitler and Goering holding a candle in a holder lighting up a ruined building on which has been inscribed 'This stone was unlaid at Dusseldorf by 61 sqn F/sgt Turner,…

The logo for a campaign to award medals to Bomber Command.

Certificates issued to Bill Siddle for Pilot Training Advanced Flying and Instrument Flight during his training at Moody Field, Georgia in 1942.

A sketch of a man sat on a wooden chair with turned spindles. He is sat at a table with a tablecloth on which is a cup and saver. The man is wearing a long jacket and trousers with turn ups. Annotated '15/20'.

Dairy contains drawings, poetry, names and addresses, and cigarette packets.

A pencil drawing of the head of a statue. In the bottom right corner is a study of the nose and one eye. Annotated 'J.W.G.Saunders'.

A pencil drawing of a reclining woman.

A pencil drawing, with some inked outlines of a rowing boat on shore. The boat has two sets of rowlocks, a rudder with a painter attached to the bow. There is a wooden balustrade beyond the boat and mountains in the distance. Annotated 'J Saunders…

A pencil drawing of a donkey with blinkers in a harness. In a corner is an anatomical sketch of a donkey. Annotated '13/20 v.g. J Saunders VS'.

A pencil drawing of two men. One man, wearing a suit and top hat, is sitting on a wooden chair facing the artist. He is talking to a man standing facing the seated man with one hand in the pocket of his overcoat and his other raised in the air. There…

A pencil drawing of an open violin case on a flat surface with a violin resting across it. Annotated '5s J.W.G.Saunders'.
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