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Cutaway diagram of a Handley Page Heyford with annotation and bomb load diagram. Chevron oil company advertisement on reverse.

Line drawn diagram of electric-pneumatic ram for M & S gear drawn on a blank servicing form. Seven cents United States postage stamp top right.

Cover has title and artwork silhouette of an Avro York. Inside b/w artwork of airborne York and contents page.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

Pamphlet with b/w artwork of a Mosquito with transparent boost gauge overlaid. On the rear cover eagle and roundel.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

Pamphlet with b/w artwork of Stirlings in formation. On the rear cover RAF badge and roundel.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

A cartoon of three WAAFs meeting an officer who is saying 'Ehctually I'm a Proffessional ARTIST'[sic]

A cartoon of two women in protective clothing, one carrying a sign saying 'Danger Area'.

A cartoon of two women dripping in sweat and wobbly at the knees captioned 'How we feel after 30 minutes of it'.

A cartoon of two women fencing, captioned 'We die a thousand deaths'.

A cartoon of two WAAFs with throbbing arms after being inoculated by a medical officer.

A cartoon depicting an emergency where a corporal gets the WAAFs to rush to an aircraft to install a single crew.

A cartoon of two WAAFs confused by dinghy drawings, captioned 'We carry out a modification with the "help"? of Sundry Mysterious Plans'.

A cartoon of two WAAFs. Captioned 'Audrey absent mindedly switches on the electric drill'.

A cartoon of four WAAFs collecting travelling bags whilst an airman is shouting for his parachute bag.

A cartoon of the audiences listening to Beethoven's 7th Symphony and Madame Butterfly.

A cartoon of men and women dancing, annotated ' "Van Pan" indulges in a spot of elevation assisted by Don & ably supported by the Corps de Ballet'.
There are six signatures on the page.

A cartoon of various mishaps with parachutes, life rafts, flares and lifejackets.

A cartoon of an aircraft diving vertically to the ground. Hank is relaxed but in the back Peter is saying 'Aw 'ell'.

A cartoon of seven airmen with shovels over their shoulders being led by an eighth with a large moustache. They are singing 'Hi-ho hi-ho Its off to work we go'. Four of the men have signed their names.

A cartoon of an airman with a halo and four WAAFs fainting because he did not want a parachute bag.

A cartoon of Hughes crashing through 15 doors to reach two bottles of beer.

A cartoon of an airman inside a barrel, seen from the back.

A cartoon of four airmen smoking pipes and cigarettes beside a sign prohibiting smoking.

A disgruntled WAAF with a bucket, brushes and pokers. She comments 'Just look at my grate'.
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