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Thanks him for details of two new crews. Writes of news at RAF Foulsham.

Report from Colonnello Mario Fontana to Major Gordon Lett with a military assessment of the Liguria region detailing the positions of enemy units. Requests aerial bombings to support partisan forces in action.


Report from Colonel Mario Fontana to Major Gordon Lett stressing the need of a closer cooperation among different forces operating in the area. Discusses allocation of air drops.


Hard copy of a radio message prepared by Major Gordon Lett for the Fifth Army Headquarters: "Captain Lloyd Roberts, a medical officer, left today to cross enemy lines with important intelligence".


Flying log book for Arthur Loudon, navigator, covering the period from 10 July 1943 to 12 July 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAAF Bradfield Park, RAAF Mount Gambier, RAAF East Sale,…

The log book covers the training an operational career of Flight Engineer Syd Marshall from 28 July 1944 to March 1945, with occasional notes added through 2008. He joined 103 Squadron at RAF Elsham Wolds on 27 September 1944, from where he flew in…

Cossack cavalrymen and foot soldiers attack the village of Esemon di Sopra. Three buildings are in flames, amongst them the village school. A woman is kneeling next to a door with a bundle in her arms and her head thrown back, while a soldier is…
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