Terence Leedham's life



Terence Leedham's life


Top left first page - three-quarter length portrait of an airman wearing tunic and side cap. Text notes that he joined Royal Air Force in 1936 as a Halton apprentice armourer. Promoted to flight sergeant at the beginning of the war he began a long association with 57 Squadron then flying Blenheims as part of British Expeditionary Force in France followed by postings to RAFs Wyton and Lossiemouth. Subsequently served with 57 Squadron on Wellingtons at RAF Wyton and RAF Feltwell. He then moved to RAF Scampton where the squadron re-equipped with Manchester and then Lancaster. Relates meeting Alma Turner later Mrs Leedham during an ground incident concerning a burning fully loaded Lancaster after which he was mentioned in dispatches. Page 2 - Left middle a colour three-quarter length wedding portrait of a man wearing tunic next to a woman wearing wedding dress and holding a bouquet of flowers. Right middle a b/w family portrait of a woman in dark dress on the left, a child in the middle and a flight sergeant wearing tunic on the right. Text continues with subsequently served with 9, 227, 49 and 100 Squadrons and describes postwar career. Last page middle under text - full length colour portrait of a woman on left in yellow dress and a man in suit and tie on the right.


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“Terence Leedham's life,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed November 18, 2019, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/18511.

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