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A full length portrait of a woman standing in a garden. On the reverse 'Best of Luck from your loving Mother x' and a Gepruft stamp.

A photocopy of the prison wire with huts behind.

Two photographs of groups of German POWs at Bushey Park.
On the reverse 'Top Pic. Subject front row 5th from left' and 'Bottom Pic. Subject front row centre- in uniform Bushey Park'.

A blank prisoner of war postcard

News clipping. John Taplin is reported as a prisoner of war in Germany.

The newspaper article reports that John Taplin is alive and a prisoner of war.

A plan of the layout of all the sections of the camp.

A scale plan of the POW camp, Stalag VIIIB

A cutting reporting John Taplin and a friend's attempt to escape.

A form issued by the authorities in a prisoner of war camp.

A good luck card from Joe and Tony.

He asks after his family and friends back home.

He has received two letters from his aunt and uncle. It is signed Nephew John.

The card is signed Ron, John, Edwards. They ask if they have received his letter.

The card says they have nothing new to write about but he asks for his concertina and clarinet. It is signed by nephew Ron and John.

John, standing outside with trees in the background. He is wearing a side cap and his uniform shows his sergeant's stripes and his air gunner's brevet. On reverse 'To:- Sergeant J.W.G. Saunders prisoner of war no.250760 Stalag Luft III (Stalag IVB)…

A memoir of an operation involving Len Curtis and his crew members. During the operation his aircraft was shot down and Len was captured. However, he was liberated by American soldiers and returned to London six weeks later.

This item was sent to…

A note written to John whilst he was a prisoner of war. The note is from Christine writing on behalf of a friend, Iga, who is unwell, asking John to write to her.

Map of the prisoner of war camp Stalag IVB, noting barrack 14A as being that occupied by John Walter Gifford Saunders. Various individual buildings are named including the kitchen and theatre.

The story of Ron being missing in action then located at Stalag Luft VII, promoted then a telegram announcing he had been killed at Arnhem. Later corrected and a bunch of flowers delivered as an apology.
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