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Photograph 1 is Keith dressed formally and wearing a hat, standing on one leg, captioned 'The Stork'.
Photograph 2 is a boy and a girl playing at the beach, behind is a boat, captioned 'Enjoying the Sand'.
Photograph 3 is a girl looking at the…


Woman wearing dark overcoat standing in a field with a white bull terrier type dog in front. In the background a hedge. On the reverse 'Nov 1953' and note attached 'Mrs Blackwell + Sue'.


A member of the Woman's Auxiliary Air Force kneeling in snow with two dogs either side of her. In the background a two story building with gabled windows. Reported as Leonard Cheshire's poodle Simon (on the right) with Kitty McQuillan WAAF (later…

Leading Aircraftsman William Barfoot is sitting on a wall outside a church at Langley Moor. He has a dog sitting on his lap, wearing a side cap with white flash.

The description of this item is partially based on information provided by the donor.…

Full length portrait of white poodle sitting looking to the left. In the background a brick wall. Leonard Cheshire's poodle Simon 1943-1944. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

White poodle sitting on a square pedestal. In the background a large two story Tudor building. Simon the poodle, taken at the rear of Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa. Taken between 25/10/1943-12/07/1944. Additional information about this item was kindly…


White bull terrier type dog in garden with wooden fence behind. In the background right the top of a house. On the reverse attached note 'Sue, Hollis, 21st B/D present'.


Walter Smith in civilian clothes on a motorbike, registration GW5127. He is holding a cat. Behind is a garden and the side of a house.


Sergeant Walter Smith, in uniform, seated on a motorbike holding a small dog. The registration of the bike is BDT451. It is annotated 'Wal & Jock 1943'.

Wallet with good luck black cat card and photograph of a young girl inside. In front a driving licence and a sergeants mess subscription book from RAF East Kirkby.

Photograph 1 is of non-commissioned officers supervising children at a Christmas Party, captioned 'Christmas Party for the children of Vitroy [sic] en Artois and surrounding villages, in the village hall, Vitroy [sic] en Artois, given by R.A.F. 137…

Photographs 1 and 2 are views of a house captioned 'Photo Sec Billet, 11th Dec 1944' (in heavy snow) and 'Vitry en Artois, Northern France. Photo Sec Billet, Jan 1945.'

Photographs 3 and 4 are street scenes in deep snow captioned 'Photo Sec…

Left page title 'Tea time visitors, April 48, Roger Norton, Ann'.

Top left - Stephen Dawson stands between Joy and Ann in garden with wooden fence behind.

Top right - Roger Norton in suit and tie and Ann wearing dress standing in…


Photographs 1 to 4 are of groups of airmen and officers meeting General Eisenhower. There are photographic displays on boards. A dog is present.
Captioned 'Visit of the Supreme Commander Alied [sic] Forces. General Dwight Eisenhower. R.A.F.…

Photo 1 is a view of a village church framed by a bridge arch.

Photo 2 is a farmer wearing a cap holding a fox. Behind are cages.


Photographs 1-5 are of a Sun Bear in a pond. Captioned '(flown home to Whipsnade zoo when squadron disbanded in 1947.)'
Photograph 6 is an airman, behind are hangars, captioned 'Owen'.

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Photo 1 is a woman sitting with a long haired dog.
Photo 2 is a woman on a bicycle, her left hand on a wall.
Photo 3 is a man and a woman at the entrance to a house.
Photo 4 is the same man and a different woman at the same entrance to a…

Two oxen harnessed together are pulling on a pole for a rotary machine - possibly a well. An African man stands by a barrel on the left. In the background a hut and hills. On the reverse 'Untali, 1941'.


Photo 1 is Poulton Hall, from the gardens.
Photo 2 is a Polish airman standing at the corner of a building.
Photo 3 is two Polish airmen leaning on each other in a garden.
Photo 4 is a woman sitting outside on a chair with two small dogs on her…

Photograph 1 is a woman holding a dog. She is standing in a garden.
Photograph 2 are a man and woman on their wedding day. He is wearing his airman's uniform with sergeant stripes. They are standing outside the church.
Photograph 3 is a young girl,…

Top, two women in coat and dresses, one holding a cat are flanked by two men wearing jacket and tie. They are standing in front of a car with a dog on its roof. In the background a building with windows.
Bottom, three men wearing jacket and tie…


Two men standing with a large dog. Behind is a garden and a house.


Three women in summer dresses standing with a donkey. Behind is a hill, some trees and with the ruins of a castle. On the reverse ' Sis Harrington ?? Sis Meally'.


Three Women's Auxiliary Air Force waitresses with Simon the poodle in front on a lawn with a two story building on the right behind. In the backgroaund trees. Taken in the grounds of Petwood hotel, Woodhall Spa. Central woman is Kitty McQuillan…

Three waitresses standing on a lawn. In front of them sits a white poodle, (Leonard Cheshire's dog Simon). In the background trees and to the right a building. On the reverse 'Kitty McQuillan. WAAF waitress. After war, came to Le Court married Henry…
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