Vitry en Artois Christmas 1944



Vitry en Artois Christmas 1944


Photograph 1 is of non-commissioned officers supervising children at a Christmas Party, captioned 'Christmas Party for the children of Vitroy [sic] en Artois and surrounding villages, in the village hall, Vitroy [sic] en Artois, given by R.A.F. 137 Wing T.A.F. 2.'

Photograph 2 is of a group of children standing close to a war memorial.

Photograph 3 is of the Christmas Party. Large group of children with parents, airmen and police, captioned 'December 1944.'

Photograph 4 is of a group of civilians and children at the fence outside the airfield. A large container of tins is being unpacked.

Photograph 5 is of a group of children and parents lined up at the Christmas Party.

Photograph 6 is of a man on a roller behind a horse and a bull.

Photograph 7 is of some children at the Christmas Party.

Photograph 8 is of a family in a doorway with Reginald George Cavalier, captioned 'R.G.C. with a family in the village.'



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