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Top left: A woman standing in the garden of a brick house. She is holding the paws of a dog which is reared up towards her.
Top right: A man and a young man in the garden of a brick house. The man holds the front paws of a dog which is standing on…


Used by aircraft apprentices undertaking the fitter II course, including notes, drawings and graphs.


Left page: top left, abstract from ships' log; top right, shields of Oxford Universities.
Bottom, a class of 21 girls annotated 'Davenport Spring term 1936 (my last)'.
Right page: top left, report of a dance, top right a rural scene of mountains;…


The men are identified as workers from the Ebbw Vale steelworks. Raymond is on the left and identified as a surveyor.

A Singapore parked on a slipway. On the reverse 'No 203FB Sqd: Aden '36. From "Obstruction Pier". "House of Sin" in the background. (Also "Andy" in the foreground).

Ronnie Abbott’s Pilot’s Flying Log Book between 14 July 1936 until 20 September 1945. Underwent pilot training at Hamble Flying School, No. 6 Flying Training School, No. 5 ATC, before being posted to 50 (B) Squadron. In August 1945 posted to 21…

Ronnie Abbott’s Pilot’s Flying Log Book between 1 May 1934 until 29 September 1937. Initially as an air gunner with 8 (B) Squadron in the Middle East before transferring back to England in 1937. Underwent pilot training with 50 (B)…

#1 and 6 are views across the front of a small ship.
#2 is the paddle steamer 'Marchioness of Lorne' at Rothesay Bay, off the pier looking towards Loch Striven.
#3 is a view across the sea to hills.
#4 is a view across the back of a ship,…

John in flying kit, captioned 'No. 3 Flying Training School, Grantham, 1936'.

A full length portrait of James standing beside a biplane. It is captioned 'No. 6 Flying Training School, Netheravon, 1936'.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

An autobiography of Jim Taylor's time in the RAF before the war. He spent time training with Oliver Bell, who is recorded in the memoir.

Two photographs of Wolfgang Thimmig.
#1 A half length portrait of Wolfgang, captioned 'Wolfgang Thimmig 1936'. He was the pilot that shot down Paul's Stirling in 1943.
#2 is a full length image of Wolfgang.

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Two newspaper cuttings with an explanation of the RAF's activities in Aden.

A flight of nine Vickers Vincents flying over Aden Harbour.

An aerial view of the airstrip and camp at Robat. It is captioned 'No 12 (B) Squadron Robat Aden S Arabia 1935/36'.

A large number of men arranged in five rows in front of an aircraft. The image is annotated 'No 12 (B) Squaron[sic], Robat, Aden, South Arabia. 1935-1936 Aircraft - Hawker Hart'. CO S/Ldr Guest and OB [Oliver Bell] are arrowed.
In a second copy 'JT'…

Term report 1936-37 from Junior Technical School, Leeds. List subjects, results and remarks.

A large group of airmen wearing tunics and peaked caps sitting and standing in four rows in front of a building with columned veranda. Two versions of the same image, the first has Polish language caption and some of the personnel are annotated with…

Woman wearing a skirt and blouse standing alongside a boy in shorts. To the left a lattice fence. Captioned 'Pete and Joan, 1936'.

Cutaway diagram of a Handley Page Heyford with annotation and bomb load diagram. Chevron oil company advertisement on reverse.

Group of twenty-one schoolboys with cups and shields prizes. Standing and sitting in five rows. Explanatory text on the right states photograph taken in 1936 of Hull grammar school prizegiving. Mervyn Adder was second row from the front, third from…

Group of twenty-one schoolboys with cups and shields prizes. Standing and sitting in five rows. Captioned 'Hull Grammar School prizegiving c1936. Mervyn is on the second row from the bottom above the small medal. Dad could remember the dark-haired…

Reports from Kingston upon Hull Grammar School from autumn term 1934 to spring term 1939.

Photo 1 is Lynne leaning on a bird bath. It is annotated ' "sis" Shirley 1936'.
Photo 2 is Bill in a casual suit sitting on a rowing boat, annotated 'Hove 1936'.

Lynne is dressed in black dinner jacket, pants and stockings. She is carrying a cane and is tap dancing on a piece of hardboard.
Photo 1 is annotated ' "Lyne" [sic] Shirley 1936'.
Photo 2 is annotated ' "Sis" Shirley 1937'.
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