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Writes of possibility of returning to his old squadron. Catches up with news of friends and family. Comments on recent snow and the work it caused them. Mentions coupons he sent to his father. Writes about calculating his total mileage by land and…

From Halton Congregational Sunday School. Congratulations and hopes that he would be home soon.


From Congregational Church. Writes that they were proud of him and glad that his ability and work had been recognised.


Congratulates him on award of Distinguished Flying Cross

Congratulates him on award of Distinguished Flying Cross.

To Pilot Officer and Mrs K Gill - congratulations and best wishes for future happiness.

To K Gill - congratulations on wedding, sorry cant come. Les.

To Pilot Officer and Mrs Gill - congratulations and very best wishes for the future.

To Mr and Mrs Gill - congratulations wishing you every happiness for the future.

To Mr and Mrs Gill good wishes.

Covers local news and also covers news from primary department, short notices, leave calls, letter from lads and lasses including one from K Gill, cartoons, and more replies to letters.


Newspaper cutting with b/w photograph of four airmen wearing tunics with half brevet and side caps. Text states that here were two Leeds men recent graduates of navigator training in Canada, Lists airmen and addresses including K Gill.

Informs her that the RAF missing research and enquiry service in Germany had recently reported details of the fate of his aircraft and crew. The area of the aircraft crash was identified no trace of any graves were found and it had to be assumed that…

Informs her of the value of he pension and child allowance as a widow of Flying Officer Kenneth Gill

Informs her that his son Flying Officer Kenneth Gill DFC was missing as a result of air operations on 21 March.

Informs her that her husband Flying Officer Kenneth Gill DFC was missing as a result of air operations on 21 March.

Writes that it was a lovely day and wished he was with her to enjoy it. Mentions recent radio news about Lancaster losses but presumes it was not him. Comments on his laundry parcel and continues with family news and gossip.

Reports that he arrived back safely and that he had had a good leave. Catches up with family news and gossip.

Reports he arrived back safely. Comments that he was now one trip behind his crew. Catches up with family gossip.

Catches up with friends/family news. Mentions he would be home in March. Compares British and Italian work rates on snow clearing. Continues with family gossip,

Writes that he had arrived safely at his new station and describes accommodation, food and daily transport. Speculates that he would be seeing a lot of Germany.

Writes about poor weather and that he thought summer was over. Comments on plans for upcoming leave with wife Vera and son Derek. Sets maths puzzle with diagram for his father that he has been trying to solve.

Top - portrait folder with photograph on right of Ken Gill wearing uniform tunic with half brevet and medal ribbons and Vera Gill either side of baby boy (Derek). Captioned on left 'Derek, 3 months, 1944 (July), Ken, Grt Grandma, Grandma and Derek'…


Photograph of a two storey building with 'Lighthouse Cafe' on the roof. Captioned 'The Lighthouse Cafe, Cranfield, Kilkeel Co Down (Telephone, Kilkeel 70)'.
On the reverse note saying he had just had tea in that cafe, staying a day or two and would…
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