Letter to Vera Gill from the Air Ministry casualty branch



Letter to Vera Gill from the Air Ministry casualty branch


Informs her that the RAF missing research and enquiry service in Germany had recently reported details of the fate of his aircraft and crew. The area of the aircraft crash was identified no trace of any graves were found and it had to be assumed that due to severity of crash, there were no reasonable remains. Informs her that the government intended to erect a memorial with the names off those with no known grave would be erected in this country.



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[Air Ministry Crest]

(Casualty Branch),

Your Ref. P430782/45/S 14 Cas/C 7

30 November 1948.

Dear Mrs. Gill,

I am very sorry to renew your grief in the sad loss of your husband, Flying Officer K. Gill D.F.C., and to convey news which I fear will be distressing to you, but a report has recently been received from the Royal Air Force Missing Research and Enquiry Service in Germany concerning the fate of his aircraft and crew.

This report confirms that his aircraft was shot down at Okel, approximately ten miles south east of Bremen, but unhappily, despite an exhaustive search made by the investigating officers in this area, no trace of his grave or those of any other members of the crew can be found, and it must reluctantly be assumed that owing to the severity of the crash there were no recoverable remains.

In such sad circumstances, it is the intention of His Majesty’s Government to erect a memorial in this country, upon which the names of all our fallen who have no known graves, will be inscribed. The exact form and location have yet to be decided, but a full public announcement will be made as soon as a decision is reached.

I do hope the knowledge that your husband’s name will rank in very gallant company upon this memorial will be of some comfort to you in your great loss.

Yours sincerely,



Mrs. V. Gill.
23, Sycamore Avenue,
Halton, Leeds.

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On His Majesty’s Service


Mrs. V. Gill,
23, Sycamore Avenue,



Great Britain. Air Ministry. Casualty Branch, “Letter to Vera Gill from the Air Ministry casualty branch,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 29, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/35786.

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