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Gunner Francis Leslie Wentworth was 36, single, and for twenty years had been employed by Messrs. Molyneux, ship painters, Grimsby Docks. He was one of the eight children of V Dancy, Flight Sergeant H Wentworth, Gunner F Leslie Wentworth, Corporal…

Postcard of the boating lake, Cleethorpes. A long thin arm of lake flows from centre to bottom right. A footbridge in the background with a boat in front. On the right side a beach, on the left a path and grass bank. On the reverse family news from…

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Fay Price was nine at the outbreak of the Second World War living in Grimsby. A twin, they were the youngest of six siblings. Her memory of the start of the war was the ending of birthday parties. Her father was a fish merchant and was able to…

Thanks for parcels and catches up with news of friends. Writes of upcoming events and weather. Notes reading in the paper about how Hedley won Distinguished Flying Medal.

The news-sheet covers the return of prisoners of war and issues that they will face, POW letters from the Far East, Prisoners and Parliament, Camp visits by the YMCA, Prison Camps as schools of Citizenships, Next-of-kin Parcels, International Red…

Eight photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is two men in RAF uniform and two women in WREN's uniform sitting, captioned 'Vic, Me, Wink, Trevor'.
Photo 2 is two men and a woman, captioned 'Vic, Mum, Trevor'.
Photo 3 is two WRENs and TWO airmen…

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The two airmen and two WRNs are sitting in a shelter. It is annotated 'Jan 1944' but is Daphne's 21st birthday.

A letter written by the Fire Service to Charles Goy releasing him from part-time duties. Included is a certificate of Service and a memo about retaining his uniform.
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