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Number 169-26. Expresses concern over her safety from new weapon and suggest that she moves if in range. Notes they have only been there a couple of weeks he writes he will not be sorry to leave as camp lacks comforts and conveniences they are used…

Number 168-25. Writes he is getting use to new camp and describes advantages (can go anywhere in large camp) and disadvantages (overcrowding and limited facilities). Has place to practise violin but have had no mail or parcels for 2 months. Writes…

Number 167-24. Reports arrival of personal parcel but has given up on a further two sent last summer. Especially pleased with shoes. Mentions chocolate getting soapy flavour and that he is still receiving cigarette/tobacco parcels. Comments on loss…

Number 166-23. Writes how her recent letter has restored his good spirits but still awaiting missing clothing parcels. Reports arrival of tobacco and thanks her for music. Catches up with financial issues. Mentions he is fit and working hard with…

Number 165-22. No letters from her but recent news has thrilled them but will probably lead to more delays in mail. Others are optimistic about invasion but not him. Hope she will have holiday after all her efforts in past year. Mentions he is…

Number 164-21. Writes he has received no letters from her but one from his mother. Asks that she let it be known that when writing of anniversaries not to hope that he would be there next year, he is sick of this. Comments that he is fit and working…

Number 163-20. Reports no mail arrived but has had a few small tobacco parcels. Still practising violin in incinerator, camp believes he is "round the bend". Catches up with family/friends news.

Number 162-19. Reports he is delighted by arrival of 12 letters, six from her, congratulates her on content and replies to her news. Mentions daughter, religion, family and wife's activities. Still no sign of clothing parcels and asks her to check…

Number 161-18. No mail from her but two small tobacco parcels have arrived which he is sharing with others. Writes of bleak landscape and laments on lack of mail.

Number 160-17. Writes he has had no mail and no sign of spring. Mentions that he has passed 700th day in confinement. Notes receiving ten books from Sweden but no sign of her parcels from last year and no tobacco parcels for months. His violin has…

Number 159-16. Comments on lack of mail. Writes of receiving books from Sweden and practising violin in incinerator. Comments on health and excellent treatment by medical officer. Requests more photographs of house, daughter and her. Asks if she…

Number 158-15. Reports on mail from friends/family but none from her, mentions daughter anniversary. Writes that winter has now gone and he is glad he survived in in good health. Mentions practising violin for 6 hours a day but little progress.…

Number 157-14. He writes of domestic,family and financial subjects giving her his opinion and advice to her on these. He thanks her for an anticipated parcel and requests no more music. He asks if hot and cold water can be laid on in bedrooms at…

Number 156-13. Writes it has been month since her last letter arrived. Mentions weather and violin. Still getting Red Cross food and despite cut in potatoes and increased number in camp, they are still alright.

Number 153-12. Mentions that her letters are taking longer to arrive but that he has had three packages. Wishes that clothing parcel would turn up as he has not had one for nine months. Writes that after thaw it has snowed again but that conditions…

Number 154-11. Mentions that no mail has arrived and camp drying up after thaw and his improved health. Writes about his diminishing interest in agriculture and growing interest in music.

Number 153-10. Reports latest letters to arrive and comments on contents, especially her efforts with new house. Mentions weather and snow for five months but now beginning to thaw. Comments on his struggles to learn violin. Concluded by saying how…

Number 151-8. Reports arrival of 4 letters and all the news about new home and provides much advice on gramophone and financial issues. Mentions health issues and wishes for the end of winter.

Number 15[.]-7. Card will miss it but hope she had good birthday. Hopes he might be home for next one. Urges her to look after mother.

Number 149-6. Delighted to get letter posted 28 November with news that they have moved into new home. Ask all about it and discusses home creating she will have to do. Mentions fellow prisoner has not heard from wife for four months and could she…

Number 148-5. Only letters that have arrived sent before Christmas. Mention a recent cold but otherwise fit. Mentions camp is currently dry and that he had received a food parcel from Portugal. Thanks for cigarette and tobacco parcel.

Number 147-4. Very few letters have arrived. Comments on weather not cold but slush. Got new boots from Red Cross and comments on climate and lack of exercise. Mention that there are plenty of Red Cross parcels available but misses bread and…

Number 146-3. List her letters that have arrived. Anxious for news of new house. Mentions weather and seeing British medical officer. Feels fit despite lack of exercise.

Number 145-2. Awaiting news of progress with house. Writes of preparing his daughter for eventual liberation. Comments on atrocious weather. Recent arrival of tobacco parcel.

Number 144-1. Congratulates her on progress with house. Mentions family illness, time to get into London from new home, and catches up with family friends. Thanks for violin strings. Mention proposed writing schedule. Reminisces on wedding four years…
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