Letter from John Valentine to his wife Ursula



Letter from John Valentine to his wife Ursula


Number 162-19. Reports he is delighted by arrival of 12 letters, six from her, congratulates her on content and replies to her news. Mentions daughter, religion, family and wife's activities. Still no sign of clothing parcels and asks her to check with Red Cross. Mentions trying to keep gloom out of his letters, and that a colleague is now in fifth year and rarely hears from his wife,



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14th MAY 1944.
My Dearest Wife; Yesterday was a gala day for me 12 letters – 6 of them from you dated at regular weekly intervals from 6th Feb to 12th March. What a treasure you are – each letter is long & full of interest for me wheras [sic] everyone else gets only those horrible & very limited letterforms. Thank you, darling, for writing at such length & so regularly. I hadn’t heard from you for over 5 weeks. I wish they’d come as regularly as they are dispatched. Now to try to answer them. Horrified to hear of Frances’ rupture & earnestly hope she soon recovers – let me know. ASVs tobacco has started arriving again so don’t worry on that score. If you can, I would suggest having the piano renovated while we have the cash. Once again I stand amazed at your terrific energy & purposefulness – this time at your P.Gs. you certainly do your bit to help others. E Ms must be a bit of a worry though & while seeing the disadvantages I favour the Mother & Babe proposition. I hope you get suitable people though. I know how I would have appreciated someone like you in April 1941. I still go faint at the recollection of my worried state then. The cash aspect is pleasing – but don’t, I implore you undertake this venture for that alone & please spare yourself – don’t overdo things. Very sorry to hear of Ba’s trouble – give me any news of the friend. You talk of Frances saying her prayers. I wonder if you have my letter telling you about my beliefs – which I haven’t changed – I hope to convert you someday but what about Frances if we two don’t agree? Still no sign of clothing parcels – my last was sent off in March 194[underlined]3[/underlined]. Let Red X know, would you. The June ’43 one got to Luft III but failed to make the grade here. The skates arrived here 2 days ago – MINUS BOOTS. Delighted to hear that you find other peoples husbands insipid & hope that also applies to their brothers, sons & other male relations. I particularly want you all to myself. How much I want you & yearn for you is beyond my power to tell. I was merely trying to be sarcastic when I hinted that I might never be free. I try hard to keep gloom out of my letters to you. Once, I had to erase an outburst on the subject of Peter which filled a fair portion of a letter. Frank P. is now in his 5th year of incarceration – I feel very sorry for him – he rarely hears from Vera (once so far this year) & gets no tobacco from anyone. Love to both as always
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162 19
[underlined] Kriegsgefangenenpost [/underlined]
[inserted] Little Close
Devon Hill Salcombe Devon [/inserted]
[deleted] FELMERSHAM] [/deleted]
Empfangsort: [deleted] BOTTRELLS LANE [/deleted]
Strasse: [deleted] CHALFONT ST GILES [/deleted]
Kreis: [deleted] BUCKS [/deleted]

Vor- und Zuname: J.R.M. VALENTINE
Gefangenennummer: 450
Lager-Bezeichnung: [deleted] Kriegsgefangenenlager der Luftwaffe Nr. 6 [/deleted]
Deutschland (Allemagne)



John Ross Mckenzie Valentine, “Letter from John Valentine to his wife Ursula,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 3, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/19406.

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