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The writer expresses regret that her husband is missing in action.

617 Squadron flying programme, 11 December 1944. It lists personnel and their assigned aircraft.

A newspaper cutting with the news of George's presumed death.

The letter advises that Mr and Mrs C Huttjes have adopted David's grave in Venlo, Holland. The family has ordered flowers to be laid regularly.

Account of Bob Burns (semi-professional musician) formation of orchestra in prisoner of war camp after arrival of Red Cross parcel with saxophone and clarinet. Continues with account of long walk from Silesia to Berlin in January/February 1945 in…

A one page letter signed by Flight Lieutenant W R Francis, on behalf of the Wing Commander of 50 Squadron, to congratulate Mrs Coling on the news that her son, Sergeant Eric Coling, is safe and a prisoner of war.

Some details of operation to Freilassing marshalling yards. Provide short report on bombing. Lists crew. Two versions of the same document.

Details of two operations to Trento and Vicenza. List crews and gives some details of sortie. Reports on bombing and combats seen. Two versions of the same document.

A newspaper report on the bombing of Berlin.

He reminds his wife that he is writing on the day of their first wedding anniversary. He expresses love for her and says he hopes to be home soon.

A letter to Fred's mother explaining he is fine and has his new dentures.

The grave of six airmen. The pilot was Squadron Leader AL Collett, 83 Squadron.

John Hitchcock's DFC, presentation case and a newspaper cutting explaining why it was awarded to him.

Writes complaining about his current location. Mentions the trip he had been promised and that he let him know about his end of the job. Asks that Vic does not mention his Africa Star. Sends regards to Vic's family.

The letter is a calculation of money owed to Catherine.

The letter confirms that her husband is considered to have died on 8th May.

The letter proposes that Arnold is presumed dead.

The letter advises that there has been no news about her husbands disappearance. Because of the lapse of time the writer suggest that he has lost his life.

The first letter refers to changes in money paid to his wife.
The second letter advises that their has been no news about her husband.

The letter advises that her husband is missing but explains he could be a prisoner of war.

A poem written about B Flight and set out in the form of a scroll.

He thanks her for her letter. Molly, his wife, has just left Shanghai. She is expected to return with Buster, their son. He has sent her a banknote to spend on chocolates.

The letter advises that her husband is now considered to have lost his life.
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