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Flight Sergeant Archibald Steele’s Flying Log Book as a pilot and flight engineer from 20th April 1943 to 10th September 1945. Flying training started with 19 Elementary Flying Training School then at 12 and 36 Service Flying Training Schools in…

Pilots flying log book one, for H J Wylde, covering the period from 11 December 1942 to 19 April 1943. Detailing his flying training. He was stationed at 32 Elementary Flying Training School RCAF Bowden and 32 Servcie Flying Training School RCAF…

Top left - formation of five Boulton Paul Overstrands airborne in line abreast. Captioned 'BP Overstrands'.
Top right - view across open ground of two, two storey buildings. Captioned 'Penhold 1941'.
Bottom left - view of four Oxford aircraft…


Top left - man putting shot with spectators behind.
Top middle - man putting shot with spectators behind.
Top right - man running past spectators lining track.
Bottom left - man putting shot with spectators behind.
Bottom middle - line of men on…

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Title 'Red Deer River'
Top right - view of river in a valley running bottom left to top right.
Top right - view of river from bank.
Bottom left - river running through valley.
Bottom right - view of valley with trees in foreground.

Top left - two airmen, one sitting at desk working on papers and the other standing behind him. Window on the right. Captioned 'Ginger Newlands and Jock Mitchell, M.T. section Penhold'.
Top right - a man crouching in a doorway surrounded by three…

Top - three children seated at table with clown crouched between two of them. Table has cups, saucers, plates and Christmas decorations. Captioned 'Kiddies party RAF Penhold, Xmas 1941'.
Bottom - large group of children seated at 'u' shaped table…

Top left - an airman wearing tunic and side cap standing by a doorway. Captioned 'Jock Ross, Calgary'.
Bottom right - an Oxford parked on airfield with fuel bowser in front. Behind left a control tower. Captioned 'Penhold, Oct 1942'.

The Penhold Log. Contains many articles including account of trip to United States, station headquarters notes, how Canada became British, boys in the RAF, a cyclist memories, entertainment news, sporting activities (photograph of athletics team),…

No 36 Service Flying Training School. RAF Penhold, Christmas dinner menu for 1942. Includes several signatures and named 'Sgt Price A.P'. at top. On the reverse, many more signatures.

Writes about his boxing match and playing rugby. Mentions weather, low temperatures and recent snow blizzard. Expresses that he is not impressed with Canada and has little news to report. Catches up with home news and reports that he is getting on…

Top a row of Tiger Moths on an airfield. Captioned 'Tiger Moths at Bowden'.
Bottom - a Tiger Moth parked on an airfield with two men standing in front.

Top - town street scene with buildings either side. Captioned 'Bowden'.
Bottom - view of town in snow from airborne aircraft. Captioned 'Bowden from a Tiger'.

Aerial view of Bowden Railway Station with grain elevators.

Identification kindly provided by Frank Schilder.

A long bar from centre right to middle left with people sitting at bar stools. Captioned 'The Canteen Bowden'.

Snow covered landscape with grain elevator with 'National' on two sides in the centre. Trees to the right and a lower building on the left.

Tentative identification kindly provided by Frank Schilder.

Royal Canadian Air Force pilots flying log book for W C Holmes, covering the period from 18 August 1942 to 18 May 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and post war flying with 512 squadron and transport command. He was stationed at…
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