Scenes on the ground



Scenes on the ground
Strip of four slides


Two versions of the same strip (b/w and colour) with enlargements of all slides.
Slide 1 captioned 1954 on road to Bishop's Stortford-Colchester, at Blue Gate and Gate House of Easton Lodge'. On the left a brick post on side of a road. A wooden fence in the centre and an entranceway on the right leading to a house hidden behind tree foliage.
Slide 2 - captioned 'Sunken garden at Easton Lodge 1954 one [underlined] gardener left'. Two men standing in front of a sunken reed filled pond which is surrounded by a stone balustrade. Whole area is surrounded by ornamental and other trees.
Slide 3 - captioned 'not sure if operations or exercise - Great Dunmow 1944/5 period'. Seven men wearing army parachute smocks and berets standing underneath a Stirling.
Slide 4 - captioned 'Cpl Tanton HT drives liberty bus between lakes at Little Easton. A man wearing battledress and side cap standing in front of a coach. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

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Two strips of four slides and four enlargements (2 b/w and 2 colour)


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This Item dcterms:relation Item: 35mm slides by Noel Chaffey 620 Squadron of WW2 1943/6 and 1954 onward