Scenes on the ground



Scenes on the ground
Strip of four slides


Two versions of the same strip (b/w and colour) with enlargements of all slides.
Slide 1 - captioned 'USAF at Great Dunmow shows Mitchells + Marauders on station with bomb dump'. In the foreground bombs piled in rows on top of one another. In the middle distance further bomb rows and in the distance four twin engine bombers with D-Day stripes on wings. There is a fuel bowser behind one aircraft.
Slide 2 - captioned 'Stirling of 620 Squadron D4 "N" NAN (sorry about the short nose)'. View of port side of a Stirling parked on hardstanding. In the background another aircraft.
Slide 3 - captioned 'Old gateway to front lawn of Easton Lodge taken after the big house pulled down'. Wrought iron gate with private sign with trees either side and a grass field beyond the gate.
Slide 4 - captioned 'deRome crew: N Chaffey, (w/op), B Crocker (N), D deRome (P), (back row) P Griffin (r/c), R Pearman (f/e), B Garwood (b/a)'. Six men sitting and standing in two rows. All are wearing tunic with brevet and side caps aprt from navigator centre of front row who wears a peaked cap.

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Two strips of four slides and four enlargements (2 b/w and 2 colour)


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This Item dcterms:relation Item: 35mm slides by Noel Chaffey 620 Squadron of WW2 1943/6 and 1954 onward