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The three men are in RAF uniform, the fourth man and the woman are in civilian clothes.

Three airmen standing in front of a saloon car.

Two of the men are sunbathing and the third man is in RAF uniform.

A mix of air and ground crew standing on the wing of an aircraft.

Five men standing at the front of Lancaster 'R'. Another is in the pilot's seat. The aircraft has 'Robbie's Reply' and ten bomb symbols on beneath the cockpit.

11 men and a WAAF standing in front of a Wellington 'Y'. The Wellington has a large bomb symbol with 38 on it painted on the nose.

11 men standing and sitting on the wing of a Lancaster.

11 ground crew standing in front of a Wellington 'Zola'.
An image of Zola in underwear, 16 bomb symbols, and the phrase 'P hole gents' are painted on the fuselage.

On the reverse 'William Edward Perry IX Squadron Bomber Command serving with…

A mix of air and ground crew standing in front of a Lancaster. Additionally each man is named.

A mounted head and shoulders portrait of Bill.

A document written by Bill with brief details about his service life. Dated 24.11.90.

RAF Form 543 with brief details of bill's service record.

A biography with details of all of his life. He joined the RAF in 1940 and worked as ground crew.

Henry Sturrock's crew in two rows with bushes behind.
Henry Sturrock's crew and six ground crew in front of a Halifax. The pilot is holding a small dog.

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Airmen standing by an aircraft. Kenneth James Broderick can be seen sitting on the wing wearing a flight jacket. The identification of the aircraft reads " D-VN".

Seven airmen at the front of their Halifax, watched by two ground crew from an engine trestle. The nose has a Cross of Lorraine, Free France emblem.

Head and shoulders portrait of John Russell in aircraftman's uniform.

John was ground crew, initially a Flight Mechanic Engines from 12 February 1943, having gained experience he received further training to Fitter II E from 19 October 1943. He was promoted to LAC 1 November 1944 and then corporal 1 November 1945. He…

Top left shows a Saro Cloud flying boat with ground personnel surrounding it. An RAF petrol bowser can be seen being towed by a tractor. The top right shows personnel standing next to a Percival Vega Gull. Bottom left shows aircraft on the grass in…

A head and shoulders portrait photograph of Robert Sharland’s brother Anthony Sharland in uniform. He served as ground crew

Servicing wing of 463 and 467 Squadrons Royal Australian Air Force photographed at RAF Waddington in May 1945. Personnel are photographed in front of a Lancaster.

Eight airmen standing below a Lancaster engine. Ladders can be seen propped against the aircraft in the background.

Three airmen standing at the rear turret of a Lancaster.

Seven aircrew standing in front of a Lancaster, ground crew fitters working on the engines.

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