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Alan writes that he has moved to Regina, Saskatchewan. The weather is hot and he should be there for eight weeks.

He wishes her the compliments of the season and asks after Alan.


The letter accompanies a document and requests a receipt.


48 trainee airmen in three rows, four instructors front and centre.

Jack in uniform with Observers brevet standing outside a house.

Jack Whalley’s Royal Air Force Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book from 9th July 1941 until 10th October 1952. Initial training at No. 9 Air Observers School as an air observer, navigator, air gunner and bomb aimer. Further training as…

Norman Sinclair in pilots uniform.

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Eric Sinclair in uniform and his wife wearing a coat and hat walking holding the hands of a child in a kilt between them.

Eric Sinclair in pilot uniform

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Two airmen standing at the nose of a Mosquito.
On the reverse 'Flight Sgt W Alan North VR 1583475. Pilot Johnny with Alan & their Mosquito bomber 1942-1946 Operations Pathfinder & 98 Bomber Command 1000 B Raids inc. Demobilised Autumn 1946 at…

Nine air and ground crew arranged in two rows in front of a Mosquito. Alan is front row, right.

15 airmen. Nine are sitting on top of the aircraft and six are standing under the front.
On the reverse '85% W. Alan North 1583475 98 139 Wing.'

A head and shoulders portrait of Alan in uniform with brevet and medal ribbons. He is smoking a pipe.

Alan is standing beside the memorial in Brussels for those killed 1914 - 1918.

Five airmen standing beside a gun turret. They are wearing Sidcot suits and have training flashes in their caps.

19 airmen arranged in three rows with stuffed toy mascot.

An airman at the front of an Anson. On the front is annotated 'Back to work' and on the reverse 'Possibly in Anson'.

19 men arranged in three rows. They are wearing Sidcot suits and standing in the snow in front of a building. Some of the men have trainee flashes in their caps. On the reverse 'Canada in training 1942'.

17 men arranged in three rows. They are in Sidcot suits and are standing in the snow. Some have trainee flashes in their caps.

22 men arranged in three rows in front of an Anson in a hangar. Alan is arrowed -back row, third from right.
On the reverse 'Please identify Date:-
Occasion :-
William Allan RAF VR Navigator Mosquito bombers Pathfinder…

12 airmen arranged in two rows in front of a brick hut. On the reverse 'Please return this [redacted] 1583475 139/Wing 98 BC. 69%'.

A large group of airmen arranged in three rows in front of an Anson. Alan North is arrowed, back row, fourth from right. On the reverse 'Qualified prob as Navigator prob in Canada'.

Seven airmen being briefed for an operation. They are seated at tables with charts. On the reverse 'Briefing'.
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