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Three items the first is a letter from Officer Commanding 9 Squadron, the second and third are from the King one a typewritten note and the other coloured scroll.

Seven crew, in flying kit, standing in front of a Lancaster. Each man is named on the reverse.

The crew are posed in two rows, the second item is a crew list with Next of kin.
The crew list is, Sgt Hazell, L.C, Pilot, Sgt Gardiner, E , Flight Engineer, Sgt Miller, W.T, Navigator, Sgt Tatley, H.T, Bomb Aimer, Sgt Sharples, E.F. Gunner, Sgt…

Servicing wing of 463 and 467 Squadrons Royal Australian Air Force photographed at RAF Waddington in May 1945. Personnel are photographed in front of a Lancaster.

A seasonal greetings card sent to F.G Miller by W. McLeod. The centre image shows a soldier with a club chasing a kangaroo, with a caption "Caught the Xmas dinner yet Frankie?"

A brief story about the crew of 'M for Mother'. It includes details of the crew and a photograph of the crew in flying kit at the nose of their aircraft.

#1 is a starboard view of a Lancaster on the ground, captioned 'Lancaster 467 Squadron'.
#2 is the nose of a Lancaster with the crew underneath, captioned 'The Famous "G" George 148 Ops'.
#3 is a front view of a Lancaster in the snow, captioned…

Research notes about the collision of two Lancasters over Branston.

A drawing and a photograph both mounted on an album page.
Left: A commemorative sketch of a Lancaster flying above clouds or smoke, with its bomb bay doors open. Below is written: 'SGT BROOME. F/LT WALKER. SGT WARD. 44 SQUADRON TURIN. 4/5.2.43, …

An RAF standard party on parade at RAF Waddington bearing the 44 (Rhodesia) Sqn standard. Present is a lady dignitary and a group captain. In the left background are spectators and in the right background a hangar.

Left, top. Two aircrew embracing each other beside a Lancaster. On the fuselage the squadron code letters 'KM' are visible. On the reverse is written: '2 of my crew 44 Sqd'.

Left, bottom. Six airmen grouped at the side of a Lancaster. Four are…

Left page. Three aircrew standing against the port side of a Lancaster rear fuselage. Two characters of the three letter aircraft code are visible either side of the roundel. The person in the centre is wearing battledress and an officer's peaked cap…

Left page. Seven aircrew at the rear turret of a Lancaster. The three at the back are standing, the middle one is an officer while the four in front are squatting down. All are wearing battledress and two have on Mae Wests. On the reverse is written:…

Left. An in-flight view of a Lancaster's mid-upper gun turret taken from the astrodome at the rear of the cockpit. The air gunner can be seen in his turret and the tail plane and fins are in the picture. On the reverse is written: 'PLEASE RETURN…

Left - newspaper cutting headline - a Lancaster again thunders over Lincs. Article by Ken Lee, war artist, who had been commissioned to paint a picture of the only remaining Waddington Lancaster. Tells of his trip in the Lancaster.
Top right -…

Top left - newspaper cutting with photograph of a Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire flying over the RAF College Cranwell. Text explains where aircraft based. Top centre - newspaper cutting with photograph of a parked Lancaster with a Vulcan flying…

Top - Lancaster taxying in front of a hangar. Captioned 'Taxying out from Waddington to formate with Spitfires from Coltishall for 25th D Day anniversary at Ouistreham, June 1969'.
Bottom - front quarter view of parked Lancaster. Captioned 'waiting…

Air-to air view looking down at front quarter of an airborne Lancaster flying at low level over fields with undercarriage down. Accompanying note 'Lancaster PA474 Waddington 1968. On route to Abingdon for Queens Review of the RAF 60th anniversary.…

Top - four men in civilian suit and tie standing in a group looking at a book in front of a Lancaster. Captioned 'Waddington, September 1971. This event was later televised launching the book "The Lancaster at War" by Brian Goulding & Mike…
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