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List of instructions for actions on ditching and then leaving aircraft and boarding dinghy.

Piece of metal with note that this was a piece of Arthur Woolf's Lancaster retrieved from crash site during visit to a French family who helped him after he baled out.

On the left a man wearing uniform tunic with half brevet and holding walking stick arm in arm with a lady on the wearing wedding dress. In the background a car and buildings. Submitted with caption 'Marriage photo Shiela [sic] and Arthur Woolf 29…

Half length view of a man wearing civilian jacket and glasses sitting in front of an instrument panel inside and aircraft. Submitted with caption 'FO A S WOOLF at W Op station in Lancaster (Kings Flight) 1950s'.

From RAF central depository to Arthur Woolf's father advising that listed personal effects have been dispatched.

Writes that he is glad to be back in England and to catch up with news. Asks if they received any of his letters from German prisoner of war hospital. Relates his last days as prisoner and liberation by American forces and journey home. Continues…

Advises them he had arrived back in England at RAF hospital Wroughton.

Writes with regret to inform him that his son was missing as a result of air operations on night 24/25 July 1944 when his Lancaster in which he was wireless operator set out to attack Stuttgart. Inquiries were being made through red cross. Asks if he…

Writes to confirm that his son Arthur was a member of an aircraft of the squadron that failed to return from an operation. Goes on to comment on capability of crew and they may have been able to abandon or forced land the aircraft.

Full length image of an airman wearing battledress with half brevet standing by a black car. Submitted with caption 'Ross LOUGH Rear Gunner killed 25 July 1944'.

Three men standing. Man on right white shirt and beret, centre man in white shirt, man on right wearing battledress. Submitted with caption 'Photograph of l to r Pilot (American) William ADAMS Henri Dupre farmer FEng Trevor TANNER taken while…

Grave with headstone. In the background a wall and other graves. Submitted with caption 'CWGC Headstone Ross LOUGH Local cemetery @ Tramont Lassus'.

Full length image of a man wearing shirt and tie sitting on a wall with window in the background. Submitted with caption 'Arthur TOOGOOD Navigator 1944'.

Account of Flying Officer A S Woolf baling out of bomber after an attack on Stuttgart, injured and transferred to German hospital near Nancy he was liberated by American forces and flown home. On the reverse 'Japan ceases to be great naval power'…

The situation with food rationing in 1939 and 1942 is contrasted, as well as statements made by Secretary of State Herbert Backe. Germany’s large food supplies in 1939 are said to be insufficient in 1942: there is rationing and the need to supply…


On the front a photograph of a group of men with facial burns standing around a seated man. Inside a message from the president of the Guinea Pig Club, Sir Archibald H McIndoe and a cartoon of men cavorting and gathered in a hospital ward. Captioned…

Informs them he is in a United States Army medical facility and getting better.

Informs him that his son was missing from air operations on night 24/25 July 1944.

Informs him that no information had been received about his son but all possible enquiries were being made.

Arthur Woolf was working in an office before he volunteered for the RAF. He was keen on flying and would cycle to Castle Bromwich airfield to watch the aircraft. He was accepted for aircrew training and became a wireless operator. After joining a…
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