Letter to Arthur Woolf's father from RAF casualty branch



Letter to Arthur Woolf's father from RAF casualty branch


Writes with regret to inform him that his son was missing as a result of air operations on night 24/25 July 1944 when his Lancaster in which he was wireless operator set out to attack Stuttgart. Inquiries were being made through red cross. Asks if he receives any news from other sources to pass it on to Air Ministry.



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[envelope front]
[underlined]ON HIS MAJESTY’S SERVICE[/underlined]
C. Woolf Esq.
31 Ismere Road
[page break]
Casualty Branch
77 Oxford Street,
London, W.!.
31 July, 1944.

I am commander by the Air Council to express to you their great regret on learning that your son, Flying Officer Arthur Sydney Woolf, Royal Air Force, is missing as a result of air operations on the night of 24th/25th July, 1944, when a Lancaster aircraft in which he was flying as wireless operator set out to attack Stuttgart and was not heard from again.
This does not necessarily mean that he is killed or wounded, and if he is a prisoner of war he should be able to communicate with you in due course. Meanwhile enquiries are being made through the International Red Cross Committee, and as soon as any definite news is received you will be at once informed.
If any information regarding your son is received by you from any source you are requested to be kind enough to communicate it immediately to the Air Ministry.
The Air Council desire me to convey to you their sympathy in your present anxiety.
1 am, Sir,
Your obedient Servant,
[page break]
[underlined]CONFIDENTIAL NOTICE[/underlined]
The names of all who lose their lives or who are wounded or reported missing while serving with the Royal Air Force will appear in the official casualty lists published from time to time in the press.
Any publication of the date, place or circumstances of a casualty, and particularly any reference to the unit concerned, might give valuable information to the enemy, and for this reason, only the name, rank and service number are included in the official lists.
Relatives are particularly requested, in the national interests, to ensure that any notices published privately do not disclose the date, place or circumstances of the casualty, or the unit.
The press have been asked to cooperate in ensuring that no information of value to the enemy is published.
Any premature reference in the press to those reported “missing” may jeopardise their chance of evading capture if they have survived without falling into enemy hands.


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