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This is Franks account of the events leading up to, his ejection from Javelin XH836 and the subsequent time he spent in the jungle before his rescue. These events occurred when he was a sqdn ldr nav/rad on No 60 Squadron based at Tengah, FEAF,…

Letter written urging Patti to get well soon.

Frank is thanked for his part in preparing for a visit.

Describes the events around the receiving of information about Frank's accident (he ejected from his Javelin in Singapore.)

Letter expresses relief that Frank is recovering after ejecting from a Javelin in Singapore. She wishes them every happiness and a merry christmas.

A telegram and envelope adressed to Frank with birthday greetings from his mother.

Navigators, air bombers, air gunners, flight engineers log book 3 for F S W Jolliffe, navigator, covering the period from 7 October 1952 to 30 November 1956. Detailing his flying training and flying duties with experimental flying department, central…

Aircrew flying log book 4, for F S W Jolliffe, navigator/radar, covering the period from 4 December 1956 to 20 July 1961. Detailing his flying duties with 46, 141, 41, 60 squadrons and headquarters number 11 group. He was stationed at RAF Odiham, RAF…

Aircrew flying log book 5, for F S W Jolliffe, navigator/radar, covering the period from 8 September 1961 to 8 May 1983. Detailing his flying duties with 60 squadron, all weather fighter combat squadron and number 2 air navigation school. He was…

Flyer is published by Dean & Dawson Ltd Travel Organisers. There is also a flyer for the festival in the Albert Hall. Frank was a member of his school choir that took part in the festival.

Air Clues was the flight safety publication used by the RAF to publicise matters related to flight safety.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

Having taken part in the National Festival on 6 May 1938, Portsmouth schools held their own festival later that month in Portsmouth. Frank was in his school choir that took part in both.

Frank was a navigator flying Javelins from Singapore. On 3 December 1962 he and his pilot ejected from their Javelin. This signal relates the rescue activities taking place while Frank was in the jungle.

January to March 1963, the front cover has drawings of the aircraft types flown in FEAF at this time.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

Leaflet suggests how Germans can mitigate any difficulties of the post-war period through self-help to save their families and rebuild their homeland. Allowing ‘fanatics’ to blow up utilities would mean more suffering and greater difficulties in…

Paper published on an American ship in September 1943.

Two pages removed from the Radio Times covering 6 May 1938. A central box draws attention to The Schools Music Festival being broadcast that afternoon from the Royal Albert Hall. Newspaper cuttings record the same event and lists the names of the…

Two hand drawn/painted cartoons of two individuals in jungle green uniforms.
In one, a man is climbing a tree while a snake threatens his colleague. Captioned 'Watch it! You're spilling the tea".
In the second two men are standing in the rain,…

Five photographs, all in flight, first is of a B 26 Marauder, second is of a 419 Squadron Wellington Z1572, Q-VR, third is of a 35 Squadron Halifax. Fourth is of a 447th BG B-17G, fifth is of a Lancaster ED58?.

Two officers standing next to a bay with a beach and a steep hill in the background, the reverse is captioned 'Bill Philpott, Capri 1946.

Two photographs of Mosquitos, the first is of a row of parked aircraft, airfield background. The second is of Mosquito VA894 parked next to a single engined aircraft HB-ESU.


Upper torso image of Frank with medal ribbons.


They are posed standinding on the grass beside a sign for '141, F(AW) Squadron'.

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Three photographs of a group near a fenced-off trigonometrical point marker. On the reverse of the second has 'John Sowery, Ken Howe, Robbie, Cyprus 19'
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