Die Nachkriegszeit; Nach dem den Einmarsch des Allierten



Die Nachkriegszeit; Nach dem den Einmarsch des Allierten
The Post-war period; After the allies’ invasion


Leaflet suggests how Germans can mitigate any difficulties of the post-war period through self-help to save their families and rebuild their homeland. Allowing ‘fanatics’ to blow up utilities would mean more suffering and greater difficulties in rebuilding the country. Similarly, they should not allow ‘fanatics’ to use food resources.

A proclamation by General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander and Military Governor follows the allies’ invasion. It stresses that military rule will be strict but fair in the allied territories with the aim of achieving peace, removing the Nazi leadership and sentencing war criminals. The civilian population will be able to go about their daily business. There are photographs of General Eisenhower and American officers in discussion with German civilians.

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