Letter to Patti Turner from her mother



Letter to Patti Turner from her mother


Describes the events around the receiving of information about Frank's accident (he ejected from his Javelin in Singapore.)



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Three page hand written letter


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11 Merryfield Ave
Leigh Park

[underlined] Darling Pat [/underlined]

I hav’nt [sic] written before as I was too worried & anxious after receiving the news of Franks misfortune. You must have been nearly frantic darling we couldnt [sic] eat or sleep waiting for further news. The Air Ministry send me a telegram (as his wife) telling me he was missing, we phone them in the evening to see if there was any further news & gave them our phone number they said they would let us know as soon as they got any news even if it was the middle of the night. You can guess we all kept on the alert. Gertie was going on a trip to London on Tuesday so I did’nt [sic] let her know Anyway I had nobody

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to talk to as my neighbour was out all day too. Edna rang up in the lunch hour then came home earlier as she felt really ill & collaped [sic] after tea so I packed her off to bed with a hot water bottle, but she seems better now.

When we got the news at 1 o/c yesterday I said thank God he is safe I ring Edna, but she had heard it too. Last night they rung from the Air Ministry & said that Frank was safe and taken to hospital with a spine injury I sincerely hope its not serious poor Frank what a terrible [deleted] ordeal [/deleted] ordial. [sic] I’m looking forward to hear from you. Oh they

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told me the [sic] had communicated Loretta I wonder what she feels about it all, not so worried as we have been I bet aye?

Well dear I want to get this off as soon as possible.

Forgive me for not writing before, but somehow I could’nt [sic] get down to it

Hope you are keeping fit & feel more settled now

All our Fondest Love dear

Yours as Ever



“Letter to Patti Turner from her mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 10, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/38585.

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