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Two airmen seated on a wall and steps. A third looks on.
On the reverse ' "Sand in my Shoes". Outside the Palazzo al Mare Officers Beach Venice Lido June. 1946'.

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Two men dressed in khaki and shorts walking down steps. Signs reads: "Palazzo al mare". On the reverse ' Willie & I. Same Place, Another Day Venice Lido June 1946'.

#1 is Margaret and RKS at Blenheim Palace after the Victory parade, June 1946.
#2 and 3 are Margaret and Tommy Body on top of a snowy Lincoln Cathedral, Xmas 1946.
#4 is Snowy's Mum & Dad.


#1 is an airman standing on a hillside, captioned 'At Roseneath on last leave Feb 1947'.
#2 is a car, captioned 'The original "Old Mother Riley" Mk1'.
#3 is a starboard side view of a Mosquito, captioned 'Rollo Kingsford-Smith's Mosquito AZ-R 627,…

RAF Form 295 issued to Jose allowing her to travel home.

RAF Form 295 issued to Jose to allow her to travel home.

The letter asks if she enjoyed service life and asks if she will help train girls for the services.

A man wearing white shorts lying on a bed. On the reverse 'Johnie at Karachi, June 1946'. Submitted with caption 'Johnie Ottewell Karachi June 1946'.

An airman wearing khaki uniform with shorts standing on a balcony with buildings in the background. Submitted with caption 'Johnie Ottewell Cairo June 1946'. On the reverse 'Johnnie Ottewell on a balcony of the Heliopolis Hotel, Cairo, June 1946'.

Stan is sitting on a rock at the coast. On the reverse 'Conquest Bay Aden. June. 1946'.

Stan sitting on the rocks by the sea. On the reverse 'Conquest Bay Aden .June. 1946.'

The three airmen are working on a table. On the reverse Working out Dave's courses etc for his U.K. trip June 46'.


Two RAF sergeants walking along a street, annotated 'Leave Stirling June 1946'.


Top - air-to-air view of six Lancasters in echelon formation with clouds in the background. All have light paint scheme.
Bottom left - ground to air view of formation of 12 Spitfires followed by one six Mosquito aircraft . Building bottom right.…

Top - ground to air view of formation of twelve Lancasters over Nelson's Column. Church steeple on bottom left.
Middle left - air-to-air view of five Lancasters in formation over city of London. River Thames runs left to right through middle. Tail…

Top - newspaper cutting with photograph, air-to-air view of two Lancaster behind in trail in formation. Notes that Lancasters of 35 Squadron will represent RAFs heavy bombers in London's Victory Day fly-past. Picture taken during test flight from…

Top left - air-to-ground photograph showing Trafalgar Square with Whitehall running towards the top.
Top right - air-to-ground view showing Victoria Memorial and Buckingham Palace on the right.
Bottom - newspaper cutting with photograph showing…

Air to ground view of eight Lancasters with light paint scheme lined up in pairs pointing right. Beyond them a runway with buildings on the far side.

Top, the right wing of the Halifax with members of 517 Squadron in uniform, one row standing on the wing, two rows standing beneath the wing, one row seated and one row sitting on the ground.
Bottom, shows two men in sports kit, running across the…

Letter 1. dated 16 October 1943 informs Mr A V Ansell that his son Sergeant A Ansell is officially presumed to have lost his life. Letter 2. Dated 19 June 1946. Informs recipient that a war gratuity is payable and enclosing form for application.

Top, the left wing and fuselage of Halifax with members of 517 Squadron, in uniform, one row standing on the wing, two rows standing beneath the wing, one row seated and one row sitting on the ground.
Bottom, shows two men in sports kit, running…

Three-quarter length portrait of Flight Lieutenant John Whitworth with Distinguished Flying Cross ribbon. On the reverse 'JUNE 1946', 'F/LT John Withworth'. This item has been redacted in order to protect the privacy of the lender.
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