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The letter advises Mrs Wilson that her son is officially reported as missing. It explains the payments that will be made and when they will end.

An oblique aerial photograph showing target indicators showering over the rows of workshop buildings at the Gnome et Rhône aero-engine factory. The photograph is taken at very low level.

A note with some details about the loss of Lancaster ND571 HM-N near Stendal, West of Berlin. Further added is a reference to the Long March.

Mentions photographs taken the day after the attack by bomber command on 8/9 February 1944 do not permit detailed assessment. Damage is seen to south west half of the works and more than half the main machine shops have been destroyed. States that…

Gordon Lett writes to Colonnello Mario Fontana detailing recent activities: air drops, the activities of radio operators, actions against the Germans, and Allied personnel being parachuted behind enemy lines.


Aerial photographs of the bombing of the Gnome Rhone aero engine works. Photograph 1 is a vertical aerial photograph of a bombing attack on the Gnome Rhone works. Much of the image is obscured by smoke and explosions. On the reverse 'Raid on Gnome…

Observer's and air gunner's flying log book for Flight Lieutenant Oliver Gomersal from 17 September 1943 to 7 November 1944. He trained as a navigator in Great Britain and in South Africa and was stationed in East Africa and Yemen with 621 Squadron.…
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