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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Yemen (Republic)"

The couple are standing at the entrance to a building. The man is dressed in khaki and shorts.

A group of airmen dressed in shorts, khaki and pith helmets, watched by boys.

A large building at the RAF base.

Four airmen relaxing outside around a table.

Ten camels on a desert track. On the reverse 'Aden 1935. Camel caravan on desert road'.


16 members of an airmen's band playing on stage.

A stall set up with an Aunt Sally game. It is decorated with RAF roundels and wings and the words 'Can you drop 'em?' Try it'.

Four photographs from Microphone Mania.
#1 Eight members of the cast of a musical.
On the reverse 'Cast of "Microphone Mania" produced at Khormaksar - 1935 by No 8 (B) Sqd'. ER Abbott is fourth from the right wearing a blazer.
#2 There is a second…

#1 A scene from the play with Cleopatra, Ladies in Waiting and Heralds. On the reverse 'Cleopatra - Slaves - Ladies in Waiting & Heralds. Boat night 1934'.
#2 Cleopatra and her entourage are seated with "Nero" and his guard. On the reverse 'Roman…

Six men working on a small stage. Two men sitting at a table. On the reverse 'Open Air Concert (Stage) August 1934. You should have seen the bottles on the tables at 10pm.'

Two men in shorts and shirts wearing fancy dress hats. They are seated. One is holding a saucer and the other a milk jug. ER Abbott is on the right in a top hat.

A collection of empty bottles outside a building with a veranda. On the reverse 'For DAD & BOB. [E R Abbott's elder brother] OK what about this. "Watney's pint & a half bottles (There's more on the other side of the building too.'

The captain of 8 Squadron receives the Hockey Cup from Mrs Portal, watched by families. E R Abbott is standing with his back to the camera. On the reverse 'Aden 1935. No 8 Sqd Hockey Captain (LAC Arthur) Receiving Hockey Cup from Mrs Portal. (What a…

A group photo of the two football teams in fancy dress. On the reverse 'Officers v Sergeants Mess Football Match Aden 1934'.

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A rocking box for children at a fair. On the reverse 'The fair at "Crater" (Organised by "8" Sqd: for Jubilee Celebrations)'.

A military parade featuring camels in front of military buildings. On the reverse 'Camel Corps (Aden Levee's) King's Birthday (1934)'.

Aidrus Mosque in Crater. On the reverse 'Mosque at Shail Othman'. [sic]

A camel and palm trees in front of a mosque. On the reverse 'Mosque at "Shaik Othman".'

A mosque. On the reverse 'The town of "Shaik Othman" '.

A view of the beach annotated on the reverse 'Rocks at Murbat 1935 "Cruise".'

Bearers preparing food for airmen, at Murbat.
On the reverse 'Bearers at Murbat'. Parts of two aircraft are visible.

T Hamilton sitting on a box in front of a Vickers Vincent with another, K4132 visible in the background. On the reverse 'T Hamilton (Murbat)'.


Straw huts and some children playing outside.
On the reverse 'Taken at "El Khudad" - Native village'.

Tents and camels. On the reverse 'Typical native life in Arabia'.

A view of mud brick huts, people and goats.
On the reverse 'Taken at "El-Kudad" The main part of the village'.
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