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A biography of Fred. In addition it includes histories of aircraft and squadrons he served in, Details are included of airfields he served at. Additionally there are biographies of various servicemen associated with Fred's squadrons and service.

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Flying log book for navigator’s, air bomber’s, air gunners, flight engineers for C Dayman, wireless operator, covering the period from 11 February 1944 to 16 May 1947. Detailing his flying training, post war flying with 216 squadron and Aden…

Document contains order of service for funeral and memoir of service in the RAF. Includes training as wireless operator/air gunner, troop ship to Cairo and continued training in Egypt. Posted for operation on Boston aircraft with 114 Squadron in…

M J Beetham’s Pilot’s Flying Log Book covering the period from 25 May 1964 to 10 July 2005. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as pilot. He was stationed at RAF Gaydon (232 OCU), RAF Thorney Island (242 OCU), RAF Khormaksar, RAF…

A group of airmen and ground crew arranged in four rows in front of a Wellington with a fared over nose. On the reverse 'Comm Flight Khormaskar Aden Command March 1946-March 1947'
A post-it shows an engine and propeller with a star and 'Stanley Shaw…

Inside a Wellington showing the geodesic construction. Seats have been added down the fuselage. On the reverse 'Interior of Wellington 423 fuselage, taken from the main spar. Aden Sept. 1947'.


A detailed description of three flights undertaken in 1947 . Stan flew on 53 trips as a flight engineer. He names some of his colleagues and mentions they never had a crash between March 46 and March 47.

Four airmen under the front of a Wellington. On the reverse 'Graham, Guy, Sparks & 'Chicko' Khormaskar. Aden. April. 1946.'

Six airmen, four standing and two crouched in front. On the reverse 'The Charping Chico's of Four Block. Aden. May. 1946'.

Three Wellingtons parked on an apron infront of a large camouflaged hangar. On the reverse 'Comm. Flight 'Wimpeys' after the COs inspection. 968 nearest the camera. Aden. Aug. 1946.'

Stan Shaw driving a tractor in front of a Wellington. In the background is a man on a bicycle On the reverse 'U.T. Tractor Driver!! Aden. Jan. 1947'.

The nose of Lancaster 'Aries' with the front lifted up for maintenance. Two ground crew can be seen working under the nose. On the nose is painted 'Aries' and a list of locations the aircraft had been flown to.
On the reverse 'Cockpit and nose of…

Eight men arranged in a line under an aircraft engine. On the reverse 'Ground-crew & air crew after the C/Os inspection of Comm. Flight. Aden Aug.1946'.

Three airmen and a boy carrying a pith helmet. In the distance a fourth man carrying a cup. On the reverse 'Geordie, Johnnie, Pete and Self. Jock Frazer in background with Chai. Aden. Sept. 1946.'

Two airmen in fancy dress, one carrying a long traditional rifle. On the reverse 'Wing Co Walkden and F/L 'Dicky' Bird strolling across to the paddock'.

Two photographs from the race day.
In the first a large airman on a small donkey watched closely by two small boys and a large crowd on the sidelines. On the reverse 'Tom Perry wins by a push on "Gasper".'
In the second photograph a group of airmen…

A group of airmen in fancy dress. On the reverse 'The Group Captain (x) about to enter a scrum.'

Group of airmen in fancy dress undressing the referee. On the reverse 'Spike Hughes, the Ref. is publicly stripped off. Christmas Day. Aden. 1946'.

Two photographs of airmen in fancy dress with an ambulance with food supplies.
In the first image two men in fancy dress and a boy are at the opened back of the ambulance. One man has a sign 'Eat at Joe's' on his back. All this is watched by a man…

Two airmen on the back of a camel being held by a third man. A football is set between two aircraft chocks. On the sidelines are a large number of spectators. On the reverse 'The captain of the Officers team arrives for the kick-off. Christmas Day…

Two photographs of airmen in fancy dress.
In the first photograph the men are sitting in a goal, some drinking beer. On the reverse 'Re-freshment time in the Sergeant's goal'.
In the second photograph the same men are in the goal. One is holding up…

An oblique aerial photograph of Aden. On the reverse 'Aerial view of Aden, showing the NAAFI Lido and Sapper's Bay.'
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