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58 trainees arranged in four rows. On the reverse 'AE. Row 2 Far right'.

Provides dates and family history from their engagement to after the war including John's time as prisoner of war and in hospital after his return. Lists letters and dates and provides locations of where they were written.

Forty-five airmen sitting and standing in three rows in front of a building. John Valentine is eighth from the right in rear row.

Writes about packing up her things and having to leave her dog. Mentions financial issue and catches up with family matters. Continues with news of travel arrangements.

Comments that his suggestion to go back to London before travelling to Scotland to join him is not a good idea. Talks of travel arrangements and other arrangements she has made including those for her dog.

Writes that she is urgently waiting his reply to her telegram but nothing yet. Hopes that she will be able to join him and asks him to get travel voucher for her and her dog. Describes parcel received from mother with his birthday present and some…

Continues to discuss where she will go and mentions alternatives, joining him and problems of him moving on during his training. Writes of baby matters. Mentions getting a letter from her sister sent before recent 'Blitz' and is not sure if she is…

Writes acknowledging how good a husband he is and how much he loves her. She continues with speculation about her future and where she might go. Continues with news of daily activities including looking after her dog. Mentioned that she has enclosed…

Still waiting for a letter from him. Tells of her days activities but not much to report since last letter yesterday. Mentions her purchases and writes baby news. Writes feeling more hopeful about war news as headline rush of disaster has slowed up.…

Writes thanking him for his letter and detailing those she has sent to him with discussion of post schedules from Aberystwyth. Mentions sending him a parcel and then continues with baby news. Looking forward to time when they can have normal family…

Begins with apologising over thing she said when there were no letters from him and understanding that he is now overwhelmed with socks. Continues with more discussion of socks. Mentions she is pleased he has been to the MO and offers suggestions to…

Comments on his reports of problems on his course and how he had previously been top of his course and goes on to encourage him. Continues with baby news and descriptions of her activities particularly getting hold of fruit and mentioning mail she…


Hopes her previous letter was not too mopey but is feeling better. No letter from him but has received baby gifts and mail from family. Continues with baby news and wishes he could be there to share. Describes activities and that she is looking…


Castigates his views expressed in last letter about her future plans and as he has vetoed them her alternative is to return to Hendon or stay in her current location with no possibility to see friends and relatives. Writes that Hendon is best and how…


Writes of financial matters and buying clothes for baby. Looks forward to his next leave. Says she is living comfortably and saving money. Discusses his views on him supporting her financially. Talks of family money and future. Continues with…

Writes that butter arrived safely and that she is getting double rations because of the baby. Talks of baby's health and activities as well as what she herself has been doing.

Writes this is third letter she has written today and mentions her days activities going out into town. Discusses finances, her future plans and job. Hopes she will be able to live with him again someday but in the meantime bring daughter up in the…

Writes she is enclosing sisters latest letter and invite his comment. Thanks him for his letter and likes his descriptions of activities. Talks about his upcoming leaves, baby's activities and visit of district nurse. Mentions starting dress making…

Writes that life is easier now that he has been posted and she can concentrate on baby. Writes of baby activities (feeding sleeping behaviour) as well as her own doings. Mentions family she is staying with are very friendly and helpful but still has…

Writes that she is sending him various oddments.Mentions seeing doctor and baby is fine. Announces she will definitely travel on 31 January and has made all arrangements to leave.

Thanks him for letter and railway pass, found out it is valid for 28 days. Discusses possible dates for her to travel and mentions contacting family to give them her new address.

Thanks him for letters and answering all her questions. Mentions his arrangements for her seem satisfactory and discusses various points. Writes of days activities and mentions his list of things she needs to do including sort out RAF pay and…

Writes on her research on bathing babies. Talks of people visiting her and meeting man who is taking over their allotment and having difficulties with him over woman who Ursula had agreed to allow to collect current crop. Mentions arranging for…

Writes that they will soon be together. Mentions arrangements that have been made for their allotment. Hopes he has received parcel she sent with lanolin face cream. Talks about state of cleaning their house and catches up with news of family and…

Writes she is sorry he has not heard from her and details letters and parcel she has sent. Asks that he gives his opinion on the way forward with gardener. Relates her daily activities, shopping trips and baby preparations. Provides detailed list of…
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