Letter from Ursula Valentine to her husband John Valentine



Letter from Ursula Valentine to her husband John Valentine


Writes she is enclosing sisters latest letter and invite his comment. Thanks him for his letter and likes his descriptions of activities. Talks about his upcoming leaves, baby's activities and visit of district nurse. Mentions starting dress making course.



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Trefilan, April 30th
Darling Johnny, I'm enclosing herewith Barbara’s latest letter, which please peruse & return, together with your comments. Personally I think it still a good idea, & I would have the slight consolation that I'd be doing something for somebody besides self & babe. However, I want to hear what you think. Thank you so much for your second letter. You are a darling, I love to hear all about your doings, & I like your description, specially
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Jack & the farmer backing each other up with 'Oh Ahs & Oh Ayes' It sounds good about the week's leave. Tho' after 3 months you'll deserve it - & so shall I! As for the 48 hours, I doubt if that will be much use to us so far apart, unless you try the telegram trick & get it extended.
Last night Frances showed some slight improvement. True, she woke at 3.30 & cried, but I only turned her over & didn't give her anything, & she whimpered off & on but not seriously till 5.15 & then I fed her. So we're
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coming on. I'm sure she must have been given a hearty meal in the Home. Yesterday the district Nurse called – a rather soppy woman; her only practical advice was that I should take some extra vitamin c pills to make up for the lack of fruit, & this I'll do – I take Sanatagon & Epsom salts already so who cares about another pill or two?
We started our dressmaking course last evening & got the dress cut out. I hope to goodness it's a success. The pattern is 2 sizes too large for Mrs S. so its quite likely to be queer.
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Am going into Aber this morning, & hope to see Jane if I feel up to it. By the way, I'd have to find out about taking her to the Babies Home that may be a snag. Must hurry off & bath your daughter.
Lots of love & kisses, Ursula
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Also Wed. 30th April Please ask Mrs Howie to air these things for you. They [underlined] must [/underlined] be aired before you wear them, & all the available space is taken up here with nappies! Don't forget. She's bound to have a hot cupboard in such a posh house. I'm so glad you're so happily settled. I'm very contented here too. Am going into Aber. today for 1st time, by bus both ways of course, to get my rations, & try & get an April jam ration for Frances! I'm writing a separate letter, so no more now.
All my love, Darling one, I think of you so much Ursula
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By the way, if you went to Heaven, how would you recognise Sue?
See over for answer
Because she wouldn’t have a navel.



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