Letter from Ursula Valentine to her husband John Valentine



Letter from Ursula Valentine to her husband John Valentine


Hopes her previous letter was not too mopey but is feeling better. No letter from him but has received baby gifts and mail from family. Continues with baby news and wishes he could be there to share. Describes activities and that she is looking forward to hearing from him with his views on her future. Comments on good flying weather helping him to get through course quickly.



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Trefilan May 6th
Darling Johnnie, I hope my letter yesterday wasn't too mopey, I'm feeling more cheerful today tho' I still can't for the life of me decide what I'd better do. There was no letter from you today, but that's probably because of Sunday posts. I've had another parcel of things from Mother, a little coat, 2 pairs of bootees & I doz hankies for me & a dozen for Frances. These were sent on by Ba, presumably out of a larger parcel addressed to her. Also a letter from Mother saying she'd received your very nice letter from Aber. & had replied by airmail – I wonder where that letter has got stuck. Frances had a better night last night, & has been very good so far today, tho' she was too sleepy to take her
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2 pm. feed properly so I must expect ructions by teatime. I am starting to put her on the potty regularly before & after feeds now & have had one or two small catches, which is encouraging.
When I see Mr Sandford playing with Michael & having such fun with him, & undressing him & helping with his bath, I do so long to have you here to share the joy of Frances with you. You would so love her in her few waking moments (except when she's crying I suppose!) However, from a father's point of view, she'll be more fun still in three month's time, so let's hope you'll see more of her then. She kicks with vigour & fury even now & really has surprising strength in her little limbs. She's getting more knowing too
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in the way she stares at things round her – I'm just longing for the time when she recognises me as a real person & her mother. Yesterday Mrs Sandford finished her first piece of smocking & was as proud as a dog with 2 tails – Mr Sandford too! It's such a glorious afternoon, I think I'll go down to town & see Jane & get some things from the NAAFI. I wonder if Wilson is still there? I've never met him, so perhaps he's been posted at last. I hope so for his sake.
There's nothing much to report since yesterday. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you on the subject of my immediate
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future. I hate to bother you, but since you do take such a lively interest in my activities you're almost bound to be bothered by me at frequent intervals. I liked the article in the NS&N about the Oxford Group – what would poor Reggie say? It's so true of some of them too, tho' of course not all. I f this lovely flying weather holds you'll be through your course without a hitch – let's hope it pours with rain. Mr Sandford said the raids were on West Scotland last night – did this mean you? We've had sirens for 2 or 3 nights now.
With all my love darling & some from your daughter too, Yours for ever, Ursula




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