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He thanks Jean for her letter and cake. He has booked their honeymoon hotel in Bideford since Lynton was not available. He has just enough petrol saved up and rationed. Jack is coming back so they can resume flying.

He has been collecting POWs from Juvaincourt. He has been flying low over south England and describes changes to spots they have visited. He is expecting to get nine days leave.

He has enjoyed eating the cake Jean sent. He talks about leave and a day off they had in Cambridge.

He writes flippantly about her cooking and losing her job. He mentions black American troops in Suffolk.

He has been flying but cannot discuss what he was doing. Jean sent him a cake which he enjoyed. He has been to the dentist for a filling. He hopes to go on holiday with her soon.

He asks about her cold then writes that the weather has been awful. He looks forward to their next leave.

He has more flying to do on his course and he is not sure about his leave. He and his crew have been into Newark for cinema and beer.

He has been doing a little flying. They had a lucky escape when a faulty tyre burst whilst taxing after an engineer had said it might be alright to fly with it. She has described the engagement ring she likes.

He thanks her for her letter and advises his trip to Italy is off. His squadron is disbanding in four days. His friend has developed photographs of their wedding.

He thanks he for the socks and her letter. He describes training at his camp.

Reg Miles's memoir in three parts. Part one Reg describes his childhood in St Peter’s on the Isle of Thanet, his family, school, lack of money, and holiday jobs. Reg joined the Royal Air Force as an apprentice, known as a ‘Brat’, in January…

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Signal indicating bomb jettison areas agreed with Royal Navy. On the reverse some calculations.


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