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Vertical aerial target photograph of Innsbruck. The ground detail shows mainly residential areas while in the centre of the image there is smoke from explosions and a number of flashes from ordnance. It is captioned:
2852 104/92 10/11 APL 45…

Aerial vertical target photograph of Brescia, orientated with south west at the top edge. The image shows
good detail of the town's streets with the distinctive cemetery of Cimitero Vantiniano in the centre. In the upper centre is a glare from a…

Target photograph showing fields in top half and town and roads below. Straight lines running top left to middle right are the River Reno and beyond it, the wider Canale Della Botte. Tracer lines in bottom left and explosions left and right bottom.…

View looking down Grand Hotel with curving coastline in the distance, cliffs and buildings.

Identification kindly provided by Riccardo Ricci of the 'In viaggio tra le culture del mondo' Facebook group.

Oblique aerial photograph of coastline running bottom left to top right with sea to left. Middle left a passenger liner is seen rolled over and on its side. On the reverse 'Italian [....] sunk by Beaufighters off NE coast near Trieste. Planes were…

Oblique aerial photograph of a passenger ship lying on her port side just off the Adriatic coastline to the west of Koper, Slovenia. The ship is the Italian ocean liner SS Rex, which was sunk in shallow water by the RAF and SAAF on 8 September 1944.…

Air-to-air view looking down at B-24 KK320/Vwith smoke issuing from port inner engine from which the propeller is missing. Below is Panzano Bagni coastline and Monfalcone docks with smoke and explosions. The entrance to the Canale Navigabile is just…

Daylight vertical aerial photograph of an operation in progress on Porto Monfalcone with Solvay works and CRDA facilities, orientated with West at the upper edge. The ground detail is clear and explosions and smoke cover much of the port itself with…

Oblique aerial photograph of part of the town showing Palazzo degli Uffici Statali with Palazzo degli Studi further out. In the upper left corner is an area of open ground while in the right upper corner there is a large arrangement of buildings.…

A clear oblique aerial photograph of Trieste ports, orientated with the NE at the upper edge. In the upper part of the photograph are the railway marshalling yard and quays of Porto Vecchio, together with the long breakwater. In the right hand area…

Four photographs from an album. #1 is an oblique aerial photograph of St Johns airfield, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. #2 is Cathedral of Saint-Jean-l'Évangéliste at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. #3 is Ron in trainee uniform and greatcoat. #4 is a sign for…

Four oblique aerial photographs from an album. #1 is a city with a bridge crossing a frozen river and another bridge leading to a small island. #2 is two bridges, Honor Mercier, crossing the St Lawrence river. #3 is the Jacques Cartier bridge leading…

Oblique aerial photograph of a city with much bomb damage. Submitted with caption 'Wesel Cooks tour'. Willibrordi Cathedral is to far left centre.

Oblique aerial photograph of a railway with damaged viaduct and many bomb craters. Caption submitted by donor 'Bielefeld Viaduct Cooks tour'.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are…

A flight of nine Vickers Vincents flying over Aden Harbour.

Target photograph showing roads with houses and fields and large amount of smoke in the centre. Captioned '3946 WIT 24.4.45//7" 8000 340 1043, Bad Oldesloe, 10ANM590T.2 ANM64DT.C32 secs F/O Rosser 115'. Underneath 'Bad Oldesloe, 115 Sqdns last raid'.

Aerial photograph showing a camp in open country side. Captioned 3110 T4/35 19 Jun 45. F20" // McCulloch.

Identification kindly provided by Kim Roller of the Finding the location WW1 & WW2 Facebook group.

Air-to-air photograph. The seaplane is flying straight and level and the biplane is banking to the left. Behind is a large number of storage tanks, Tamar river with Devonport dockyard centre and Torpoint left.

Identification kindly provided Johnny…

Top left - view from aircraft of harbour with surrounding city. Captioned 'Grand Harbour, Valetta, Malta'.
Top right - view of naval warship in harbour with city either side. Captioned 'HMS Gambia, Grand Harbour, Valetta'.
Bottom left - view…

Target photograph showing shoreline, with smoke obscuring the island of Hakøya within Tromsø fjord. Battleship Tirpitz can be seen just right of centre through smoke. Three water-spouts from earlier explosions above and to the right. Anti-aircraft…

Two air to ground photographs, the first showing the Leidseplein area in Amsterdam with the Hirschgebouw building. Captioned 'Amsterdam'.
The second showing a large building in open country is captioned 'Princess Juleana [Juliana] Palace'.

Four photographs, two air to ground, one showing Amsterdam canals near Rijksmuseum, the other near Muiden showing some flooded areas.
The second page has two photographs the first shows a crowd in a city street in Belgium, the second shows five…

Target photograph of Bielefeld Viaduct. Railway runs left to right across centre with Johannisbach river running top to bottom and Gummibahn railway by-pass running from bottom centre and joining the main railway to left of viaduct. One or more bomb…

Target photograph of Bergen Submarine pen. Coastline runs bottom left to top right with sea to right. Ubåtbunkeren Bruno is the square structure in the centre of the image. The town of Bergen is in the left hand corner, with port facilities and…

Top - six aircrew standing in line behind a Lancaster, Captioned 'Crew from left to right, Sid Grimes wireless operator, Ken Gill navigator, Charlie Randon bomb aimer, Jack Penswick gunner, Eddy Barnett engineer, Barney Gumbley pilot'.
Bottom target…
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