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Target photograph of Walcheren showing coast with sea to right and land with lagoon in centre. Captioned 'Walcheren, Wad, 7.10.44 //8" 6000 070 13554, 14 x 1000 C21 F/O Ward Smith S. 463'.

Reconnaissance photograph showing coast with breached sea wall. Town in centre.

Air-to-ground view of a standard lay out RAF airfield with buildings on the left and runways to the right,

Target photograph showing canal running top to bottom with open countryside each side. Explosion in the centre. Captioned '7438 WAD/1/2.4.45//NT 7"9750 128 1914 GRAVENHORST.D'. Two versions of image.

Reconnaissance photograph of Kiel port area and city with targets indicated by arrows. Text above 'we were issued wit escape kit for [missing] consisting of currency and maps for [missing] flew over, emergency survival [missing] wakey pills and a…

Left page: top and bottom, view of the 10 February 1946 Potters Bar station train accident, annotated 'more photographs with Bob as pilot'. Right page: top left, consecration of a new altar; top left, two women walking in a garden; middle tight, head…

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Left page: view of Luton with German annotation. Right page: top left, report of rocket development. Top right, Barracuda in flight with tail wheel showing. Middle left, three airmen standing alongside a Barracuda. Middle right, lifeboat alongside…

Left page: top, two flying Whitley aircraft passing over the Dutch coast.
Middle left, aerial view of Hamburg docks.
Middle right, bombing targets and fires in Gelsenkirchen.
Bottom left, bombing of Boulogne harbour.
Bottom right, a woman…

Left page: a view of central London including the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and the royal yacht Britannia, annotated 'All photographs taken from the air and Bob as pilot'. Right page: top, Berkhamsted.Bottom, Park View Road, Berkhamsted.

Left page: top two girls, annotated 'Hilly (6) Fiona (7)'.
Bottom; six children sat in a cart.
Right page: top, a group of seven men standing alongside an aircraft with a man standing in its open doorway, annotated 'Bob was engaged in charter…

Target photograph of Osterfeld (Oberhausen-Sterkrade). Roads and buildings are visible as are the Rhine-Herne Canal and railway running from centre left to upper right. Smoke can be seen in the lower left quadrant of the image and there is some glare…

Target photograph of Wesel. Some roads and railway tracks can be seen in the upper half while at the centre there are several plumes of smoke. The whole area is covered by thin cloud.
It is captioned: "2952 MEP. 16.2.45//7" 19,000' 112º 1600 WESEL.…

A target photograph of snow covered Koln-Gremberg. In the upper, right quadrant are some marshalling yards and the River Rhine, partially obscured by cloud. In the upper and lower left quadrants is a main railway line. At upper centre is an area of…

Target photograph of Vohwinkel. In the lower right quadrant rail tracks and sidings are visible, alongside which is a distinctive complex of roads and buildings. The buildings and streets of Gräfrath can be seen at the centre left of the image while…

An oblique aerial photograph, taken looking west, of Mulberry B (Port Winston) and the coastline at Gold Beach.
At centre left is the town of Arromanches-les-Bains from which three floating piers lead to their pier heads. At lower centre is the…

PSmithRW23010033 copy.jpg
Two oblique aerial photographs of a large school with some outbuildings in a snowy landscape near St Albert, Edmonton. Poundmaker Road and Canadian National Railway tracks are also visible. Identification kindly provided by Steven Boisvert of the…

PSmithRW23010032 copy.jpg
An oblique aerial photograph of four grain silos.
In Bob's memoirs he identifies these as being at Josephburg, close to Fort Saskatchewan.

PSmithRW23010031 copy.jpg
An oblique aerial view of a railway bridge crossing a river.
In Bob's memoirs he identifies the bridge as over the North Saskatchewan River about 1.5 miles SW of Fort Saskatchewan looking in the general direction of Edmonton.

PSmithRW23010029 copy.jpg
Two oblique aerial photographs of a grain silo at a railway junction. The ground is covered in snow.
In Bob's memoirs the location is identified as Carbondale, a few miles north of Edmonton.

Oblique aerial views of the signal square and control tower at Udine airfield. Two C-47s can be seen on the hard standing. Airfield marking reads "LIGHT AIRCRAFT".
In the background, the 'caserma avieri', the 'Voisin' hangars, the main road, and the…

Three aerial photographs showing bomb craters and damage to the seawall. Much of the area is flooded. Houses and roads forming part of the village of Westkapelle are visible in the lower right corner of the main (topmost) photograph which is…

A low level oblique of Djibouti. Streets are laid out in a regular grid pattern. On the reverse 'Djibouti (French Somaliland)'.

An aerial view of a domed church with large crowds visible.
On the reverse 'Adis Abbaba [sic] (Abyssinia)'.

LH page, target photograph of the coastline southwest of Sangatte, with the current D940 road. Captioned '953 EWS 20.9.44// 8" 3000 120 (degrees) 1640 Sangatte ? U 13 X 1000 4 X 500 16secs F/L Josey U 103'. Handwritten caption 'Daylight on coastal…

LH page target photograph, rural area, some explosions visible, captioned '4B. 3637? EWS 6/7.6.44 ? 5000 ? 130 degrees. ? Vire(Eastern? 18x500. Disco. F/O Josey. 103' Handwritten caption '"Bombs Gone" photograph - taken on D night by means of a…
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