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An oblique aerial photograph showing damage to buildings in Dusseldorf, as indicated by label at the bottom of the image, submitted with caption; “Bomb damage on Dusseldorf”.

A vertical aerial photograph of an attack on Soesterberg airfield. The image is mostly clear and shows many bomb craters. The caption underneath is overexposed and apart from the airfield name and 'Sgt Goodrum' is indecipherable.

Two vertical aerial photographs from an album.
Photograph one, Frankfurt at night, is indecipherable. Captioned 'a brilliant spectacle of searchlights, flak sparks and puffs, glowing incendiaries and target indicators'.
Photograph two is taken…

A vertical aerial photograph of Flushing (Vlissingen) during an operation. Explosions can be seen on the coastal dyke. The No. 4 Commando bunker and Uncle Beach is nearby, in the bottom left of the image. Annotated '2010 MEP 21.10.44// 8” 8,000…

A vertical aerial photograph of Bonn during an operation. The river Rhine is seen through the centre of the image. There are bomb explosions along the river with some cloud and shadow nearby. The majority is very clear, detailing the Kennedy bridge…

A vertical aerial photograph of Calais. The canal, Canal des Pierrettes, is visible and runs left to right, parallel to Rue Hoche and a marshalling yard. The yard services Les Fontinettes train station. Annotated '1810 MEP 27.9.44// 8” 5,500…

Vertical aerial photograph of Harqueboc, Le Havre. Most of the image is obscured by bomb explosions in the Rue du Mont Cabert area. Street patterns can be seen to the left and top right of the photograph, located east of Harfleur. The left of the…

A vertical aerial photograph of Le Havre during bombing operations. The land is mainly obscured by explosions but breakwaters and docks are visible. Digue Augustin Normand is shown at the top of the image, with Bassin de la Manche and Le Havre port…

A sequence of three vertical aerial photographs of a dockyard area. The docks are at the edge of a River Ouse and running into this is the Dutch river. The images are captioned 'Millard 7.10.93' and '1, 2 and 3'. Millard is the bomb aimer.

An aerial oblique view of Lincoln Cathedral and the city.

A low angle oblique aerial photograph of Dusseldorf showing heavy bomb damage to urban residential and industrial areas.

Two photographs showing the remains of the heavily bombed Misburg oil refinery, Hanover. Situated between Misburg-Nord and Misburg-Süd, the site is located west of Anderter Straße. Nearby there are two adjoining canals, Mittelland and Stichkanal…

A low level oblique aerial photograph of Bremen showing extensive bomb damage.

A low level oblique image centred on the cathedral, showing damage to every building in its vicinity.

A low level oblique aerial photograph of Berlin and the River Spree, showing extensive damage to the city and Hugo-Preuß-Brücke.

A low level aerial photograph of Bremen docks.

A vertical aerial photograph showing the airfield, south west of Deelen, Arnhem. Bomb craters are visible across the runways.

A vertical aerial photograph of the marshalling yards at Frankfurt showing extensive damage.

A low level aerial oblique photograph of Hamburg showing extensive bomb damage.

A vertical aerial photograph of Berlin showing heavy bomb damage.

A vertical aerial photograph of Mannheim. The left of the image is shrouded by clouds. Throughout the photograph, multiple sites of bomb damage span the urban industrial town. Mannheim harbour is visible, located where two rivers, Altrheinhafen and…

A vertical aerial photograph of Koblenz showing considerable damage. The city, train station and railtrack are located through the centre of the image. Europabrücke and Moselle river are visible in the top right of the photograph.

A vertical aerial photograph of the synthetic oil plant at Lutzkendorf near Leipzig. Bomb damage destroyed the entire plant. Extensive damage and craters are visible throughout the image. The remains of Braunsbedra and adjacent railway line are…

A vertical aerial photograph of Mainz Hoesch Benzin Synthetic Oil Plant, located North East of Dortmund city. The image shows cloud, craters and extensive bomb damage. A railway line is seen across the top. Brügmanns Hölzchen and Hoesch Park are…

A vertical aerial photograph of Mainz. The top right of the image shows the Rhine. Mainz Hauptbahnhof and railway is located in the lower half. Heavy damage is visible throughout the photograph, to the city's industrial centre.
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