Gibraltar scenes



Gibraltar scenes


Six photographs all annotated with Gibraltar showing various scenes.
Top left shows a women on a donkey which is carrying baskets. Standing next to the donkey is a boy. They are standing on Winston Churchill way looking south. Moorish Castle on hill behind a vehicle behind them is obscured by the trees.
Top right shows a South Port gates, a car can be seen in front of the entrance with a person standing on the pavement in front of the car.
Middle left shows a car driving past the war memorial on the corner of Winston Churchill Way and Devils Tower road with the rock of Gibraltar in the background.
Middle right shows Grand casements square surrounded by buildings built on the hillside.
Bottom left shows armed vessels in Gibraltar harbour with the Gibraltar coastline in the background. A County class cruiser is in the foreground,
Bottom right shows a cannon in park. Behind it there are benches. In the background is a bandstand. This was taken adjacent to the Elliot memorial in the Gibraltar Botanical Gardens.

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Six b/w photographs on an album page


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