Letter from Dec Dexter to Phyllis Dexter



Letter from Dec Dexter to Phyllis Dexter


Apologises over unannounced visit home the catches up with family and friend news. Mentions he is exploring local countryside by bicycle and had attended a concert in Stafford. Mentions flying in 'Wimpey' and that crew is well on bail out drill.




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Two page handwritten letter and envelope


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[inserted] 7/3/43 [/inserted]
[postage stamps]
Miss Phyllis Dexter
61 Bronwin Court,
Grove End Road,
ST. John’s Wood
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[Royal Air Force crest]
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[Royal Air Force crest]
[deleted] HIXON [/deleted] [inserted] SEIGHFORD. [/inserted] N[underlined]R[/underlined] STAFFORD.
7th. March 1943.
My dear Phyl,
Heaps of thanks for your letter and please don’t worry about not being in when I blew in that week end. It was absolutely my own fault I ought to have let you know. It was a bit awkward though because I rather expected to go to Hatfield to hear the recording of our world famous [indecipherable word]. So I kind of blew in on spec and rather expected to find Pip and Len there or no one as you’d gone out. I wanted to squeeze a couple of minutes to blow in to see you so I could say howdy on the Monday but had a date with Williamson for a pint at the Clavendon, Hammersmith and left it a bit late & had to move some to catch the 4 o’clock train. Anyway I don’t think they like too many visitors at Joe’s do they? All this seems a bit laborious – I hope you’ve waded this far?
I am sorry to hear that you’ve had ‘flu what rotten luck. Do hope you did’nt [sic] feel too rotten and that someone came to look after you. Mouldy being ill on one’s own. I do wish you
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could have gone down to Con’s it would have done you good. I feel different after a couple of good deep breaths of that wizard sea air. Must be wizard there just now in the recent good weather. Bless her.
I’ve won a bike, on loan, from the ‘management’ so have been getting pretty fit exploring the local pubs, and doing a spot of bokeing at the local main line. Got invited up into the local signal box last week. Rather more complicated than Oakham as there are four tracks and different types of bells, so hav’nt [sic] done any work – yet! The country round here is very like Caythorpe or Rutland – rather nice really. All the birds seem to be getting their best suits on to upset the hearts of the feathered females round here. A Yellow Hammer shot across the road in front of me the other day and I really thought someone had thrown a Gold Flake cigarette packet at me. Then he did a wizard three pointer onto a particularly bouncy branch and shouted at me!
We went into Stafford to a Concert by the Bournemouth Philharmonic Orchestra. The soloist was Harold Fairhurst (violin) who played a Concerto by Bach. Anyway here’s the programme. They made a darned good job of the 6th which is I think quite my favourite. There’s such a wonderful melody in the first movement.
We’ve done a spot of flying and the Wimpey is living well up to my expectations. We’ve also worn some leather flying clothing. Marvellous stuff with a grand collar – grand for an open car! Also we put up a good show at bale out practice we got out in 25 Secs on our emergency bale out!
Well cheers for the present do hope you feel better?
All the best possible
Tons of love. Dec.



Keith Dexter, “Letter from Dec Dexter to Phyllis Dexter,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 15, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/9364.

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