Dexter, Keith Inger


Dexter, Keith Inger
Dexter, Dec
K I Dexter


33 items. The collection concerns Flying Officer Keith Dexter (1911 - 1943, 127249, 1387607 Royal Air Force ), a policeman before the war, he flew as a pilot with 103 Squadron at RAF Elsham Wolds. He was shot down and killed with all his crew on 16/17 June 1943 on operations against Cologne. Collection contains a dozen letters from 'Dec' Dexter to Phyllis Dexter,There is an extract from the 103 Squadron Operational Record Book on the loss of his aircraft and crew, maps of where his aircraft crashed, official Royal Air Force personnel records, Netherlands official documents, document about his aircraft as well as a photograph of a Lancaster over Lincoln and a crew. There are photographs of his grave as well as a group of people, including Keith Dexter being interviewed as a pilot trainee by the BBC at RAF Hatfield. There are two detailed daily diaries covering his time in the Royal Air Force from from 3 April 1941 to June 1943 which relate activities while training and on operations. There are some memorabilia, a photograph of a Lancaster over Lincoln, a painting, and an album.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Lieutenant Colonel Monty Dexter-Banks and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.

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Dexter, KI

Collection Items

Royal Air Force pilot
Head and shoulders portrait of a Royal Air Force pilot in uniform.

Seven aircrew walking away from a Lancaster
Seven aircrew in flying suits and Mae West carrying parachutes walking line abreast away from a Lancaster. There are three men working on the starboard outer engine, three working on the starboard inner engine and one cleaning the nose turret.

Lancaster over Lincoln
Air to air view of Lancaster PM-R. In the background Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln Castle and Bailgate area.

.303 bullets
Side and end views of three .303 bullets, one with debris round its middle.

Keith Dexter service history
Personal data including dates of commissioning, promotion and death as well as postings and next of kin details.

Keith Dexter commemorative scroll
Commemorative scroll headed by Royal crest and stating that Flying Officer K I Dexter, Royal Air Force held in honour and gave his life.

Details of attack on Cologne
Details of attack on Cologne sent by Arthur Bank, brother-in-law to Keith Dexter's mother. Details number of aircraft involved and some details of attack and weather.Arthur Bank was the Intelligence Officer at RAF Foulsham.One Ju-88 claimed probably…

Ten men standing on airfield during interview and  Air Training Corps certificate
Top - Five men in uniform, two in flying suits and three in civilian dress standing on the airfield at RAF Hatfield. In the background two Tiger Moths and three unidentified aircraft with a further aircraft inked out. The civilian in the centre is…

Note on loss of Hauptman Manfred Murer
Note '21 January 1944, Murrell, 3 Km east of Magdeburg, the night fighter Heinkel 219-A-O- was shot down by P51 Mustang. Hauptman Manfed Murer was killed when a/c crashed'.

History of Lancaster B.III ED 945
Ordered 1941 and built by A.V. Roe at Chadderton near Manchester as one of a batch of 620 between November 1943 and June 1943. Twenty of this batch either side of ED 932 (Gibson's aircraft) were modified as type 464 provisioning to enable Barnes…

Letter from the Air Ministry to Keith Dexter's mother
Letter to Mrs Dexter stating that German authorities had confirmed the death of her son Flying Officer K I Dexter. Details of place of burial not available at present. Official date killed 17 June 1943. Note at top 'Letter not dated assumed post 4…

Model Engineer exhibition certificate
Diploma of merit certificate awarded to K Dexter for an electrically driven working model of a Midland Compound locomotive.

Model trains
Two model trains on track on bridge over stream. Note 'Models hand made by Keith Dexter 1933, Midland Compund Johnson Tank 4-4-0 in H.O. scale 3.5 mm/to the foot'.

Escape compass
Small compass with needle and cardinal headings. Note 'Compass from RAF Escape/Survival kit'.

France, north Spain, part of Italy and Switzerland
Escape map covering southern France, north Spain, part of Italy and Switzerland. Post-it note 'Photo of rare rice paper escape map RAF WWII'.

Keith Dexter's decorations
Captioned 'Flying Officer Keith Dexter RAFVR 103 Squadron, flew Lancaster ED945 PM-R. Lost 17/6/43 Hal Holland'. Note 'Medals Dexter qualified for Defence M, served DCI Met Police 1939-42 until joined RAF April 1942'. Pilot's brevet above with medal…

Halifax lands on top of Mosquito
Top left, head on view of Halifax with port undercarriage collapsed resting on top of a Mosquito. A single figure stands under the starboard wind and a group of men under the port wing.
Top right, front starboard quarter view of Halifax on top of…

History of RAF Foulsham
Starts with description of operations with B-25 from RAF Foulsham. Succeeded by 514 Squadron Lancaster and 1678 training flight. Replaced by 192 Squadron of 100 Group flying Halifax, Mosquito and Wellington on radio countermeasure and other special…

Collision on landing of Halifax MZ 564 and Mosquito DZ 377 at RAF Foulsham
Details of collision on landing of Halifax MZ 564 and Mosquito DZ 377 at RAF Foulsham. Aircraft of 192 Squadron had no navigation lights due to operation and Halifax radio was unserviceable. Details damage to aircraft. Notes from air officer…

History of 192 Squadron
History from formation on 5 September 1917 until 1958. Includes bases, aircraft and commanding officers.

Short history of RAF Honington
From 1955 with Canberra, 1957 with Valiant then Victor to 1969 with Buccaneer wing and the 1980s with Tornado.

Short history of RAF Foulsham
History from opening on 22 November 1942 to civilian use up to January 1981. Originally 2 Group with 98 and 180 squadrons flying B-25. Later based 514 Squadron Lancaster of 3 Group then 192 Squadron of 100 Group flying Wellington. Mosquito and…

Letter from Arthur NM Banks to Paul
Letter from Squadron Leader Arthur NM Banks to acquaintance Paul concerning an incident where at RAF Foulsham where a Halifax landed on top of a Mosquito. Aircraft were from 192 Squadron conducting special operations. Halifax windowed in front of…

Notes on RAF Foulsham
Squadron Leader A N Banks, Station Intelligence officer, RAF Foulsham notes that the station was engaged on special duties with two squadrons, one of Halifax and the other Mosquito. Halifax was used for dropping window and the Mosquito with radio…

History of RAF Foulsham
History of RAF Foulsham which opened in May 1942 and received 98 and 180 Squadrons in October 1942 with B-25 aircraft. Describes problems getting B-25 operational and early operations as well as an early low level operation on Ghent/Terncuzen where…
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