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P R Taylor’s Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book, from 26 April 1943 to 25 October 1945, detailing training and operations as a Navigator (occasionally Bomb Aimer) in the Mediterranean area. Based at: Oudtshoorn (No. 45 Air School),…

Acknowledges receipt of her letter. Mentions trying and failing to get in touch. Writes that he did not know about passes from base and whether he would be allowed to travel now that war in Europe was over. Speculates on his future. Comment on missed…

A thirteen page collection of target photographs and sortie reports.

Page 1: Vertical aerial target photograph of Argenta. Some roads, houses and open fields are visible in the upper half of the image. There are also canals, rail tracks or roads…

N I Powell’s Flight Engineer’s Flying Log Book covering the period from 9 August 1944 to 25 April 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as flight engineer. He was stationed at RAF St Athan (4 School of Technical Training, RAF…

A 6 page collection of target photographs and sortie reports.

Page 1: Sortie report for an operation to Bruck Marshalling yards

Page 2:Vertical aerial target photograph of an unknown location showing some ground detail as tracer trails. Not all…

Two low quality target photographs of Argenta and Padua. The upper image (upside down) has no discernible detail and glare covers more than half. It is captioned:
104/71. 12/13 MARCH 45. F8"//8200 - 28 14.50 PADUA
W 4x1000. 8x500 MkIII 22. F/O WARD…

Gives some details of operation to troop concentrations at Argenta. Lists crew and repots results. Two versions of the same document.

Target photograph showing fields in top half and town and roads below. Straight lines running top left to middle right are the River Reno and beyond it, the wider Canale Della Botte. Tracer lines in bottom left and explosions left and right bottom.…

A cutting referring to the award of a DFC to Flight-Lieutenant J Bowskill.

Flight Sergeant K. Watson’s RAF Navigator’s, Air Bomber’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book, from 5th October 1943 to 23rd December 1953, detailing training and operations as a Flight Engineer. Also includes post-war duties with Coastal…

Pilots flying log book for W E Lucas, covering the period from 7 November 1940 to 18 February 1946. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Derby, RAF Montrose, RAF Lossiemouth, RAF Honington,…

Flying log book for navigators, air bombers, air gunners, flight engineers for Hugh Parry, air gunner, covering the period from 27 May 1944 to 16 October 1945. Details his flying training, operations flown and post war flying. He was stationed at RAF…

Photograph 1 is the crew of the B-25.
Photograph 2 is the crew of the B-25 adding the letters 100 to the aircraft's nose art.
Photograph 3 is a group of airmen round the nose of the aircraft. They are captioned '226 Sqd, 1st Mitchell A/C to…
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