Powell, Norman Ivor


Powell, Norman Ivor
Powell, N I


262 items. The collection concerns Powell, Norman Ivor (b. 1925, 1896919 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, diary, target photographs, maps, photographs, correspondence, and two photograph albums. He flew operations as a flight engineer with 614 and 104 squadrons in North Africa and Italy.

Powell, N I. Photograph album one

Powell, N I. Photograph album two

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Powell, NI

Collection Items

Diary -1946
Diary for 1946 January to March and October with a few entries some military and some personal. Some addresses of colleagues.

Bomber Crew
Seven airmen wearing battledress with brevet, three sitting on a bench and four standing behind. Pilot is sitting centre. Three of the airmen standing have significant medal ribbons displayed, particularly the AG second from right. In the background…

Identity disk
Orange identity disk (dog tag) for 1896919 N Powell

104 Squadron badge
Cloth badge 104 squadron motto strike hard.

614 Squadron badge
Cloth badge with dragon standing on globe. 614 Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force.

An airman in village
A airman wearing battledress standing leaning on a fence in a village surrounded by buildings. In the background, two other men sitting at a table and further back a steep mountainside.

Clearance certificate
Notes that Flight Sergeant Powell cleared his F667B at RAF Bruntingthorpe.

Certificate for hospitalization
Certifies that Mr Norman Powell was admitted to hospital from 1 March 1950 until 17 April 1950.

Extension to educational maintenance award
From Ministry of Education (awards branch). Informs N I Powell that the award made to him under the further education and training scheme was extended to 16 March 1946 to enable him to complete his course.

Certified return of library books
List of books returned to EUT library.

Permission to visit Capri
From No 2 RAF rest and leave camp. For Sergeant Powell. Permission to visit Capri as member of an organised party.

Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve notice paper
To Norman Powell. Notice given at the time of him offering to join RAFVR. Lays down general conditions.

Deficiencies list
List of deficiencies on arrival from the UK. No rank and name filled out.

104 Squadron personnel occurrence report
List airmen for movements in and out as well as leave.

Receipt for parcel
From YMCA HQ MEF Cairo. Receipt for parcel from Mrs M Powell.

Postponement of calling up for service
Required to report for regular service in accordance with instructions. In the meantime would remain on the reserve with no pay or allownaces.

Nominal role of recruits
From CRC Worcester to officer i/c attestation section, no 2 recruit centre. Lists three names including Powell N I. Expected draft 1943-04-15.

Mess bill receipt
Mess bill receipt for Flight Sergeant Powell

Invitation to a dance
Invitation form CMC sergeants mess RAF Shallufa, and ticket to dance at the Maltese club Suez.

Money order certificate
Certificate of issue of British money order for Mr R Powell for £35.

Helmsmans certificate
Certified that Flight Sergeant Powell was tested and proficient in handling club Dinghy at Moascar other ranks sailing club.

Watch receipt
Receipt for watch from MCA watch maker shop at Ismailia.

Permission to be absent from quarters
At RAF Abu Suier. Made out for Flight Sergeant Powell N. from April to December 1946. Two similar forms The second covers January and February 1946.

Certificate - society of licensed aircraft engineers
Made out for Norman I Powell as associate member.

Aircraft engineer certificate of training
Notes that Norman Ivor Powell had completed a course and obtained aircraft engineer licence.
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