Field, Peter L and Cynthia G. Photograph album 5


Field, Peter L and Cynthia G. Photograph album 5


13 items. Photographs of wartime colleagues, Cook's tour aerial photographs of bomb damaged German cities, and family and friends as well as two letters home.




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Field, PL-CG

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Right page - top left - a bride and groom standing with building in the background.

Left page:
Top - three young men sprawling on grass. Captioned 'Edward, David, James, Lyon? 2003, Richard at home with ball.
Bottom - a young man with football on driveway with garage on left and house in background..

Family and friends
Left page - at bottom a man and lady sitting alongside each other. Captioned '2003 Richard, David at 246 MVR, Sue, Mum, Dad, James, David in garden before paved over and screen out in, Richard, Sharon in their engagement year'.
Right page - a woman…

Family and friends
Left page:
Top - a man and woman both with walking sticks on a lawn with ornamental glass pavilion behind.
Bottom - closer view of same couple as above in same location.
Captioned 'Botanical gardens 1996. Peter and Sue coming away from the…

Peter and Cynthia Field and friends 1996
Left page:
Top - a woman wearing blue jacket by a door and the backs of two other people in a room with plants.
Middle - a man and woman looking at a Mynah bird in a cage.
Bottom - two men and a woman standing in a garden outside a…

Photographs of servicewomen
Left page:
Top left - head an shoulder portrait of a woman in military uniform.
Top right - head an shoulder portrait of a woman in military uniform.
Bottom - head an shoulders portrait of a member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force in uniform.

Letter from C G Barry to her mother and photographs
Letter mounted over seven album pages with envelope with last page of letter on seventh album page. Next page has four b/w photographs. Letter gives excuses for not having written. Catches up with family news. Explains they could not get off camp…

Letter from C G Barry to her mother
Letter mounted on four pages of album. Writes of her activities at RAF Leeming and catches up with family news. Gives reasons for not coming home on leave for Christmas. Describes shirt and pillow cases she had just bought. Writes about several…

Cook's tour photographs
Left page:
Top - oblique aerial photograph of a bombed city with destroyed buildings.
Middle left - smaller version of enlarged photograph above. Captioned 'Lancaster flight from Skipton-on-Swale on a sight seeing trip over the Ruhr, shells of…

Parties at Leeming and squadron board
left page:
Top left - large group of people in service and civilian dress at a party. Captioned 'WAAF Sgt party Leeming Dec 1944, note tinsel strips back left to form letters on curtain - "window" dropped over enemy territory to distract enemy…

Women's Auxiliary Air Force, RAF and RCAF people.
left page:
Top - course photograph with a large group of members of Women's Auxiliary Air Force sitting and standing in three rows with wooden hut in the background. Captioned 'Senior NCOs Admin Course, RAF Wilmslow, March 1944'.
Bottom - document…

RAF and family photographs
Top left - a member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force standing in front of a brick wall. Captioned 'Taken by Ian Hay during my telephonist training July 1940 at the Firs Worcester'.
Top centre - two members of the Women's' Auxiliary Air Force in…

Album covers
Black album front and rear covers. Front cover had post-it note with '5'.
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