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Henry Sturrock's crew in two rows with bushes behind.
Henry Sturrock's crew and six ground crew in front of a Halifax. The pilot is holding a small dog.

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Reports that two of their flock, including Mr Russell Luxton and J R Flaxman had made ultimate sacrifice and Mr C Lambert was missing. Gives some biographical details and describes activities for J R Luxton and Jimmy Flaxman.

A piece of red cloth embroidered with 'Arnhem 1944' in red/white and blue thread.

Leading caps for Market Garden Veterans Association.

Small folded card giving service details, address and showing subscription paid for 1997.

Recalls Harry's joining the RAF and describes his initial, then basic and advanced aircrew training. Follows move to operational training unit, and joining 102 Squadron flying Whitley. Mentions operations to Berlin, Stettin and Duisburg. Converted to…

Descriptions of three operations.
1. describes an operation to Tatoi Aerodrome near Dekeleia, Greece.
2. describes an operation to the marshalling yards at Brescia, Italy.
3. describes an operation to the marshalling yards at Szekesfehervac in…

Front cover of a document containing an image of the squadron badge, the latin description, motto, authority, group and code letters. Also an image of a Lancaster bearing the squadron letters.

He has been doing a little flying. They had a lucky escape when a faulty tyre burst whilst taxing after an engineer had said it might be alright to fly with it. She has described the engagement ring she likes.

He has received forwarded letters from Jean and he comments on them. He's not been flying much because of the weather. He discusses demobbing after the war ends.

His prospects of leave are diminishing since they have a date to move regardless of whether they finish the course. He asks Jean about flying bombs. He has been going by bus into Newark, three miles away. They have become engaged and he asks her…

He has moved to RAF Winthorpe. He is hoping to finish the course early and get some days leave. He has found beer in Lincoln. His PS expresses love for Jean.

Oblique aerial photograph of coastline running bottom left to top right with sea to left. Middle left a passenger liner is seen rolled over and on its side. On the reverse 'Italian [....] sunk by Beaufighters off NE coast near Trieste. Planes were…

The telegram from his parents expresses happiness that he is safe.


left page:
Top - course photograph with a large group of members of Women's Auxiliary Air Force sitting and standing in three rows with wooden hut in the background. Captioned 'Senior NCOs Admin Course, RAF Wilmslow, March 1944'.
Bottom - document…

An extract from Fred's autobiography about Scanlon. Both men were flying close together when Scanlon's aircraft was shot down.

Two names and addresses. For 107655 Harris J M, RAF Woodvale - good luck, much happiness Christmas 1942, 413413 Terry O'Connor, RAF Lasham home address in Sydney. Note 'Terry won DFC September 1944'.

Top - four airmen, two wearing greatcoats, one battledress and one flying jacket, two with shovels, standing in line in snow in front of a Lancaster. Other aircraft parked in the distance behind. Submitted with description 'Clearing snow, RAF…

Top - seven aircrew wearing flying helmets and Mae West, three squatting in front, four standing behind under the wing of a bomber aircraft. Captioned 'The crew under a Halifax wing'.
Middle a note giving names of crew 'L to R standing, Jim Jackson,…

Two versions of the same item. Five aircrew and one groundcrew standing in front and three aircrew behind sitting on the tail of a Lancaster. All are wearing battledress. Right hand standing man is leaning on the bottom of the fuselage door. On the…

Eight aircrew wearing battledress with peaked or side caps on top of a Lancaster, five on port inner engine, one in the cockpit and two sitting on top of fuselage behind cockpit. On the reverse 'PA964 MG-G, L-R Tom Jones, Steve Harper, Clive…

Two versions of the same item. In the distance a line of airmen in front of a Lancaster. On the reverse 'PA964 MG-G, L-R, Joe Naylor, Steve Harper, Dave Goodwin, Fred Phillips, Tom Jones, Stan Williamson, Clive Thurston, Ron Wynne, Sept 1944, 7…

Two versions of the same item. Eight airmen wearing battledress and peaked or side caps standing in line in front of a Lancaster. On the reverse 'L - R Fred Phillips, Dave Goodwin, Stan Williamson, Clive Thurston, Ron Wynne, Joe Naylor, Tom Jones,…

Two versions of same item. Eight airmen wearing battledress and peaked or side caps. Six standing by the rear fuselage door of a Lancaster and two sitting in the door. On the reverse 'L-R Steve Harper, Fred Phillips, Dave Goodwin, Clive Thurston,…
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