John S Hitchcock DFC AFC



John S Hitchcock DFC AFC


Explanations of why John was awarded a DFC and AFC.

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[colour photograph of a DFC medal] [black and white head and shoulders photograph of John Hitchcock in uniform] [colour photograph of an AFC medal]

John S Hitchcock DFC, AFC.

Enclosed are full size replicas of the gallantry medals awarded to “Guv” during World War 2 when he served with Bomber Command.

Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) with a diagonally striped purple ribbon.

This was awarded for “act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying in active operations against the enemy,” in 1943.

[symbol] First Tour – 30 Operations as a Sergeant Pilot flying Wellington bombers from Feltwell in Norfolk: 28th August 1940 – 11th November 1940 with 37 Squadron. Then 11th November 1940 – 19th April 1941 with 57 Squadron.

[symbol] Second Tour – 20 Operations as a Flight Lieutenant flying Halifax bombers from Linton on Ouse (Yorkshire) from 21st November 1942 to 10th March 1943 with 78 Squadron.

[symbol] A press cutting is enclosed

Air Force Cross (AFC) with diagonally striped red ribbon.

This was awarded for “act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying not in active operation against the enemy”.

[symbol] The AFC was awarded in the New year’s Honours List on 1st January 1946 for his work as an Instructor with No: 11 Flying Instructors School in Shallufa, Egypt from 12th September 1944 to 10th November 1945, latterly as Commanding Officer (CO) during which it appears that he was temporarily promoted to Acting Squadron Leader.

[symbol] Copy of a letter from Wing Commander Grice is enclosed together with a copy of a letter from King George V and one from the Under Secretary of State.

[symbol] Other campaign medlas awarded, in common with all those who served in the various campaigns in WW”2 [sic] were 1939-1945 Star, Air Crew Europe Star, Africa Star, Defence Medal and the 1939-45 War Medal.

[symbol] More recently members of Bomber Command were awarded a clasp in recognition of their campaign throughout the war.


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