Hitchcock, John Samuel


Hitchcock, John Samuel
J S Hitchcock


87 items. The collection concerns Flight Lieutenant John Samuel Hitchcock (740899, 106813 Royal Air Force) and contains his decorations, log books, uniform jacket, sunglasses, parachute logbook, documents and photographs. He flew operations as a pilot with 37, 57 and 78 Squadrons.

The collection also contains an album from his training in North Africa.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by P J Hitchcock and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Hitchcock, JS

Collection Items

John Hitchcock's Officer's Pay and Allowances Book
RAF Form 1060 issued to John with details of his pay.

John Hitchcock's Training Notes
Notes kept by John during his training covering Aero Engines, Theory of Flight, Signals, Armaments, General RAF Notes, Ranks, Air Force Law and Rigging.

John Hitchcock's Airmanship Notes
Notes kept by John during his training

John Hitchcock's Rigging Notes
Notes kept by John during his training.

John Hitchcock's Armament Notes
Notes kept by John as part of his training.

John Hitchcock's Navigation Notes
A book kept by John

John Hitchcock's Navigation Notes
A book of notes kept by John.

John Hitchcock's Navigation Notes
Notes kept by John during his navigation training.

Memo Book
Notes kept in a small booklet. Some pages record flights.

Instructions for the Handling of Wellington Aircraft
Step by step instructions for handling a Wellington.

Shefford Laundry
A laundry book used by John whilst at Bassingbourn.

Instructions and Guide to all Officers and Airmen of the RAF regarding Precautions to be taken in the event of falling into the hands of an Enemy
Contains instructions if captured by the Enemy. It advises the type of information they will seek, the methods they will use and how to avoid being tricked.

John Hitchcock's Private Flying Licence
A licence issued to John in 1939 allowing him to fly land planes.

RAFVR Notice Paper
Form 1866 completed by John with his personal details.

RAFVR Notes for the Information of Candidates
Detailed notes about what is expected from candidates for the RAF Volunteer Reserve.

J.S. Hitchcock’s RAF Pilot’s Flying Log Book. Two
J.S. Hitchcock’s RAF Pilot’s Flying Log Book from 5 December 1941 to 1 November 1945 detailing training and operations as a pilot and flying instructor. He was stationed at RAF Upavon (Central Flying School), RAF Little Rissington (No. 6 Flying…

J.S. Hitchcock’s RAF Pilot’s Flying Log Book. One
J.S. Hitchcock’s RAF Pilot’s Flying Log Book from 25 April 1941 to 28 June 1941, detailing flights as a Transport Command pilot based in Egypt. Very short logbook, includes a summary record of service from 4/12/37 onwards. The last entry reads:…

Model Horse Race
An officer bent over a horse silhouette, part of a model horse race. He is watched by many airmen. All are in khaki and shorts. On the reverse 'RAF Shallufah MEF. Victory Celebrations VE+1 day 9-5-45'.

John Hitchcock
A head and shoulders portrait of John in uniform.

91st Flying Instructor's Course Upavon
43 airmen arranged in four rows at the front of a large building. Underneath each man is named on a printed caption.

Aircraft Clearance Form
A form allowing a flight from Heliopolis to Shallufa.

RAF Shallufa Sergeants' Mess Bill
A bill for messing at Shallufa paid by John.

Route and orders
RAF Form 433A completed for a triangular route from Grantham-Market Rasen-Netherthorpe-Grantham.

To Every Officer; From the CAS
A note warning of the dangers of careless talk, rumours, gossip and criticism.

John Hitchcock's Sergeants' Mess Bill
A bill for messing at John's Mess.
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