Letter to Reg Wilson's Parents



Letter to Reg Wilson's Parents


Reg's grandfather expresses sadness that Reg is missing after a raid on Berlin. He has sciatica and is struggling.




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One double sided handwritten letter


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12 Pelham St


Dear May & Will

I have had a letter from Harry & have heard from him the news that Reg, after that raid over Berlin a week ago is now missing, naturally I was shocked & very sorry to get such news, that you will get some better news in the very near future I most earnestly hope so try to cheer up he may have [inserted] come [/inserted] down in occupied country or been taken prisoner of war let us all hope for the best he has been fairly lucky & clever all his life so he may come out of this alright let me know if you get any news as I feel a bit anxious about him

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no doubt Harry told you of the letter I wrote him where I told him how, what the doctor called Sciatica, has got worse & it has crippled me for the moment to day it is as much as I can do to stand up. the doc advised me to go to hospital about it so uncle Jack & I went on monday [sic] they gave me a bit of an exam not much & sent me home, to day I hear that they sent a letter to my Panel doctor saying that they could [inserted] do [/inserted] nothing for me at my age so thats [sic] that. well thats [sic] all for now so dont [sic] forget to let me know if you hear any news

Cheerio & hope for the best



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