Wilson, Reginald Charles


Wilson, Reginald Charles
R C Wilson


166 items. The collection concerns Reginald Charles Wilson (b. 1923, 1389401 Royal Air Force) and contains his wartime log, photographs, documents and correspondence. He few operations as a navigator with 102 Squadron. He was shot down on 20 January 1944 and became a prisoner of war.

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Wilson, RC

Collection Items

The Four Survivors
Reg's account of the end of his Halifax.

RAF Arrive with Pyjamas
A comment from a broadsheet newspaper that was posted on a board at the camp. It includes a list of items supplied in a cardboard suitcase.

Das Erika Lied
A German marching song but also a love song to Erica.

Reg Wilson's Girlfriend
Three photographs of Reg's girlfriend.
#1 she is sitting on a rug with a dog, in a park.
#2 she is holding the handlebar of a police motorcycle and sidecar.
#3 she is sitting on a rock in Mount Royal Park, overlooking Montreal.

Reg Wilson's brevets and prisoner of war tag
Two cloth brevets, for a navigator and an observer plus a Stalag IVB dog tag.

Halifax Christmas Card
A Christmas card with a sketch of a broken Halifax qnd a handshake drawn on the music and words of 'Stille Nacht'.

Halifax Landing
A Halifax landing on a wet runway, starboard side. Information supplied with the collection states 'Halifax Dec 1942 10 sqn'.

Halifax, Albany and Lakeland Cards
Three colour postcards.
#1 a Halifax of 35 Squadron, in flight.
#2 Albany, Georgia - Pecan trees and a hunter with aircraft above.
#3 Lakeland, Florida. Orange trees, fishing and houses.

A Halifax, EY-E, air-to-air view of the port side.

Pilot Fellerer, Luftwaffe
The pilot who was credited with shooting down Reg Wilson's Halifax.

Reg Wilson
Reg in leather flying jacket holding his flying equipment.

Reg Wilson and Naval Officer
A naval officer with a full beard and Reg Wilson outside a building.

Halifax under Service
A Halifax with several ground crew at work on and around it. Information supplied with the collection states 'CH10434 - Working on a Halifax 23 Jun 43'

Airmen Prisoners
A cutting from a newspaper with Reg and John Bushell's names recorded as prisoner of war. Handwritten on it is Evening Standard 12.4.44.

A copy of the address page of a prisoner of war letter.

Reg Wilson's Identity Card
A card issued to Reg by his flying school.

Reg Wilson's Crew
A list of the other six members of Reg's crew...Harvey, Laurie Underwood, Jack McArdle, Bill Ross, John Bushell and Alec McCarroll.

Reg Wilson's RAF prisoner of war card
A card issued by the Air Ministry whilst Reg was a prisoner of war notifying his commission as a Pilot Officer.

Charles Dupueis Attestation Paper
Charle's RCAF service paper.

Letter to Reg Wilson's Family
Reg writes that he has only had one letter and no recent news from home. The weather has not been good. He looks forward to going home.

Postcard to Reg Wilson's Family
Reg writes that he has no mail nor does he expect any. Weather is improving. He is reading a lot.

Letter to Reg Wilson's Family
Reg writes that he is at his new camp. He asks his parents to sort out his money. His new camp is more comfortable. Many of the prisoners have been there four years.

Postcard to Reg Wilson's Family
Reg writes he has received six letters today. He is fed up and keen to get home.

Letter to Reg Wilson's Family
Reg writes he has had no recent mail. The weather is grim. The theatre has closed and the school reopens in a week.

Letter to Reg Wilson's Family
Reg wishes his family a Happy New Year. He reflects on his existence. They had a show and a dance. He says the Red Cross are more than wonderful.
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