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RAF Form 1672 issued to Jim for his leave. It includes a railway ticket from Leigh to Brighton.


Draft of memoir with contents page - giving service history. Followed by pages with reference to photographs for name and rank, deferred service, ground training dates and places, training in Canada, back home for service flying, 5 Group, 51 base,…

A biography of Anthony David Lambert. He joined the RAFVR at age 19. He was shot down over the Baltic Sea and was able to swim ashore, where he was captured. He took part in the Long March. After the war he remained in the RAF.

He has been collecting POWs from Juvaincourt. He has been flying low over south England and describes changes to spots they have visited. He is expecting to get nine days leave.

He has been doing a lot of flying, some with engine and radio problems. He talks about tennis with Jean and his next leave.

A group of soldiers arranged in five rows. On the reverse three men are named with their home town. Also 'Taken 22 June 1943 at Gloucester'.

A memoir written by a Royal Australian Air Force wireless operator. Firstly he describes major events in the war but he continues with his own experience training in Canada then commencing further training in the UK. Only three pages are…

A biography of Vincent, Arnold's father.

An information leaflet with addresses, activities. clubs, assistance , tipping, places to visit, map of central London and a tube map.,

Reg's grandfather expresses sadness that Reg is missing after a raid on Berlin. He has sciatica and is struggling.

Reg's account starting when he was shot down on an operation to Berlin. After Berlin he was transferred to Frankfurt for interrogation then by train to his camp. Camp life involved food, the preparation and acquisition of extra food by theft, trading…

Enclosed with the letter is a postal order for 5/- for cigarettes for Reg. He asks for news about Reg.

View down seafront with beach and sea to right, road in centre and tall buildings on left. Three versions of same image. On the reverse 'From the Metropole Hotel, Brighton UK, 1943'.

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Three airmen wearing battledress with pilot's brevet standing in line. Two versions of the same image, on the reverse 'R Jubb, J Harvey, R Bedloe, Metropole Hotel Brighton 1943'.

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Four airmen wearing tunics with sergeant rank and brevet, and side caps standing holding beer glasses in the entrance to a public house. Submitted with caption 'Ian Cowan Ron Gills Paul Wilson Bob Maloney_ Brighton 07 1944'.

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Top left - view of lake and trees. Captioned 'Kew Gardens 20.9.45'.
Top right - over exposed image of trees. captioned 'Kew Gardens, 20.9.45'.
Bottom left - view of multi-story pagoda. Captioned 'Pagoda - Kew Gardens, 20.9.45'.
Bottom right - a…


Top left - view down on a courtyard with buildings surrounding. Bridge and games court in open space. Captioned ' Courtyard behind the Hotel Metropole, Brighton, Oct 43'.
Top right - half length image of two airmen wearing tunics with pilot's brevet…

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In the foreground an airman wearing battledress with brevet and peaked hat stands alongside two women wearing skirts and blouses. In the background a multi-story hotel (Metropole). Submitted with caption 'Brighton'.

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Covers enlistment and early training in the Royal Australian Air Force. Continues with description of journey to England via the United States and training in England. Lists his crew formed during training. Joined 102 Squadron with Halifax Mk 3 on 12…

Letter and explanatory note. Reports arrival of family mail. mentions operations to Augsburg and Schweinfurt getting good photographs of the latter. Mentions an electrics failure on return from Augsburg and had to divert to airfield on the south…
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