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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "England--Brighton"

Covers enlistment and early training in the Royal Australian Air Force. Continues with description of journey to England via the United States and training in England. Lists his crew formed during training. Joined 102 Squadron with Halifax Mk 3 on 12…

Document containing five photographs:
1 - Six aircrew wearing battledress with brevet and peaked or side caps standing and squatting in two rows in front of a Lancaster bomber. Captioned 'Lancaster at Skellingthorpe July 1945. Back row (L-R) Bruce…

Discusses gossip and politics. Much of the letter is damaged and unreadable

Thanks him for cable and that he had just finished the last of his leave. Mention staying on base until the rest of his crew apart from one were buried at Harrogate. The other crew member's body was sent to Dorchester for a private funeral. Writes of…

Had learned that her husband was missing. Informs her that information regarding allowances should be sought from the Air Ministry. he should let the benevolent fund know if she required any temporary assistance.

They write expressing their sympathy that her husband has been reported missing and to inform her to whom she needs to communicate regarding her official allowances if she needs to do so.

Learned with regret that his son was missing and writes concerning his son's voluntary allotment from his RSF pay and what was need for him to continue receiving payments.

From the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund reminding him that they stood by to offer any assistance required.

Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is two women on the promenade.
Photo 2 is the same two women joined by an older lady in a wheelchair and Sam Saunders's father.
Photo 3 is Sam Saunders's father and another man at the same spot on the…

Head and shoulders portrait of a man wearing unbuttoned battledress with pilot's brevet asleep. Captioned 'Asleep in the troop train Retford to Brighton'.

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Two men wearing battledress with pilot's brevet. The man on left sits on railings and wears a peaked cap. The man on the right wears side cap and has hand in pocket. In the background a promenade with people walking to left and buildings. Captioned…

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Two men wearing battledress with pilot's brevet standing side by side. The man on the left wears a side cap and the man on the right a peaked cap. Behind them railings alongside a promenade with people walking. In the background buildings. Captioned…

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Four men all wearing battledress and side caps. All have pilot's brevet and are standing in a row in a street with terraced houses in the background. In the background left a women looks back at them. On the reverse addressed 'Mrs Alec McBean, 65…

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Four men all wearing battledress and side caps. All have pilot's brevet and are standing in a row in a street with terraced houses in the background. In the background left a women looks back at them. Captioned 'J Walker, J Joyes, H Voit & Self -…

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On the front, a front quarter view of a single engine biplane with floats on beach at water's edge. Bottom right a group of men and at sea behind a small boat with a man in the stern. Captioned '100 h.p. "Avro" Waterplane, On Brighton shore, after…

News-sheet of the RAF ex-POW Association. This edition covers the large Canadian reunion of 1985 at Calgary, the Annual Dinner at Lords, Recco report of ex-POW activities, requests for help, Alan Bryett's lectures, the Association's AGM and annual…

Nine photographs from an album.
Photos 1 and 4 are head and shoulder images of Peter, captioned 'Self -escape photos 1944'.
Photos 2,3, 5 and 6 are head and shoulders of Gwen, captioned 'Gwen WRNS 1942'.
Photo 7 is a diver being suited up with the…

Six photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is Peter in a toy car, captioned 'Self Birmingham 1920'.
Photo 2 is Peter and Wendy sitting in a garden, captioned 'Self & Wendy Leamington Spa 1932'.
Photo 3 is Peter with his mother, captioned ' Self &…

A letter to Spike Alexandratos from Jim. He describes what he has been doing since arriving in England.

Expresses sympathy over son going missing and offering financial assistance in the event that it be required.
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