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Letter summarising the instructions for collecting a voluntary payment with respect to George Robinson being officially reported missing.
The letter has the subject heading: "1623526 A.C.1. E.G. ROBINSON" and carries the references: "ROBINSON…

Typewritten certificate recording that George Robinson was reported missing and is presumed to have lost his life on 1 May 1944. It carries the references: "P.416631/7/44/P.4.B.7" and "D 39249-1 10,000 D/d 8347 9/45 PRP".

Advising his wife that Jack's grave has been transferred to a British military cemetery.

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Listing Flight Lieutenant George Albert James Frazer-Hollins's date of birth, previous service, appointments and promotions, postings, honours and awards.

Correspondence returning John's flying log book and a piece of war medal ribbon to which he was entitled, his RAF service health records, a certified copy of his attestation, a signed farewell menu from 47 Squadron and his service and release…

Two octagonal green and two round red identity discs with an aircrew whistle issued to Alan Camlin. The tags are stamped with his name, rank, religion and service number. The whistle is engraved on one side '293/14/L1795' and on the other 'A.M…


A letter from the Air Ministry informing Joan Broderick that her husband, Kenneth James Broderick who has been missing in action, is presumed dead.

A letter from the Air Ministry sent to Joan Broderick to inform her that her husband Kenneth James Broderick has gone missing in operations. The Air Ministry reassures Joan and will inform her if they receive any news, and they ask her to do the…

A booklet providing information on resettlement of ex prisoners of war.

Welcome letter to John confirming his selection for aircrew training.

Four letters to Ken.
#1 is a letter commanded by the Queen thanking him for his service.
#2 is a letter appointing him to General Duties.
#3 is a letter that can be used as a reference. It mentions his role in the filming of The Dam Busters.

MMuirRWL1388470-211008-19 copy.jpg
Concerning the history Bomber Command.
This item is only available at the University of Lincoln.

MMuirRWL1388470-211008-11 copy.jpg
Certifies that Reginald William Lingfield Muir was missing and presumed to have lost his life as a result of air operations.

Two documents issued to Don.
#1 is a notice to attend a medical examination.
#2 a note to the Postmaster stating that two postal drafts for £11/8/8 have been authorised.

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Following the report that Reg is missing, advising that of the seven casualties of the crash, three have been identified as Sergeant Hannel, Sergeant Johnson and Sergeant Barrett, three are unidentified and one is unaccounted for.

The letter accepts that Les is a prisoner of war and blames the mis-reading of a Red Cross report.

EAirMinMuirPE440330 copy.jpg
Advising that it is believed that her son has died.

The letter asks that Les' mother forwards her letter from Les confirming he is a prisoner of war.

The letter advises that Les is a prisoner of war.

Letter advising of the ending of Geoffrey Gosney's active service and his placing on the retired list. Conformation of his period of terminal leave due.

Telegram sent informing his wife that he had failed to return, condolence letters from the squadron CO and Air Ministry and follow up letters to John's wife, and father.

The telegram advises that Les previously reported missing and believed to be dead is a prisoner of war.

The letter advises that Les is missing. It explains the financial arrangements in place.

ESaundersHWPexmanM421005 copy.jpg
To Mabel Pexman confirming death of her husband and mentioning his personal effects. Annotated with hand written 'Return requested please'.

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EOCRAFRecOffPexmanM420714 copy.jpg
Regret letter to Mabel Pexman advising no further news.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.
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