Scott, Eric William. Album 3


Scott, Eric William. Album 3


Ten items. Contains correspondence, newspaper cuttings, documents and the last issue of the Prisoner of war Journal.




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Scott, EW

Collection Items

The Prisoner of War Journal
Sixteen page journal with text and photographs. The final issue with message from Field Marshal Lord Chetwode, Editorial, article on history of prisoner of war mail/parcels, awards ceremony, prisoner of war students, garden parties, articles about…

Eric Scott prisoner of war document
Shows personal and physical details, next of kin, b/w head and shoulder photograph and fingerprint.

Colour artwork postcard showing beach on the right with promenade. To the left a park with buildings, lawn and a tent. In the distance a town. Captioned 'Beach and Greensward, Mablethorpe'.

Where Germany keeps her captives
Newspaper cutting with map of Germany and parts of Poland and Hungary with locations of prisoner of war camps, towns/cities and Allied Fronts.

Newspaper cuttings
Six newspaper cuttings.
Left - headlines 'Lincoln flight sergeant is prisoner of war'. Gives some details of family.
Middle, two cuttings concerning news that Scott was promoted and to his Air Training Corps Squadron that he was prisoner of war.…

Telegram to Mrs E W Scott
Informs her that information received through Red Cross stated that her husband was a prisoner of war.

Letter to Mrs Scott from the Air Ministry
Confirms that her husband Flight Sergeant Eric William Scott was missing as a result of air operations. Notes he was bomb aimer on a Wellington which set off to attack marshalling yards at Maribor, Yugoslavia which failed to return. Enquiries were…

Letter to Mrs Scott from Commanding Officer of 37 Squadron
Informs her that her husband was missing in action from operations on night 21 Oct 1944. Gives assessment of character and mentioned he had just recommended him for commission. Gives some account of operation to marshalling yards in northern…

E W Scott missing in action
Top - telegram from Air Ministry to Mrs E W Scott informing her that her husband is reported missing as result of air operations 21 October.
Bottom - letter of sympathy from OC 1237 Squadron Air Training Corps with regret that they learned E W Scott…

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Dark blue covers front with 'Photos'.
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