Mrs Mudd's café - some notes about the signatures



Mrs Mudd's café - some notes about the signatures


Introduces the visitors book started on 30 December 1931 to 13 September 1959. The World War 2 part has 46 pages have a large number of signatures of Canadian airmen. Next a sketch map of RCAF and RAF airfields in North Yorkshire. Account of a visit by the Princess Royal and party in 1941. Follows notes on some of the signatures and casualties. Notes signature of Clark Gable in August 1943


Temporal Coverage



Twenty-one page handwritten document


This content is available under a CC BY-NC 4.0 International license (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0). It has been published ‘as is’ and may contain inaccuracies or culturally inappropriate references that do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the University of Lincoln or the International Bomber Command Centre. For more information, visit and





[underlined] INDEX [/underlined]
[underlined] To the Canadian and American Airmen whose names have been signed in the Aldborough Café book. [/underlined]
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[underlined] Numbers in Index [/underlined]
A 19
B 74
C 52
D 32
E 12
F 22
G 22
H 50
J 20
K 18
L 41
M 85
N 7
O 9
P 31
R 27
S 57
T 17
V 9
W 37
Y 4
[underlined] TOTAL 645* [/underlined]

*Note: This total does not include spouses or relatives of the same name visiting after the war, and thus falls short of the total names per page shown in the opening summary to this Report.

In the A-Z Index, the following indications are used:-
*Killed during the War
X Believed relative of airman killed in war.

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[underlined] INDEX [/underlined]
[underlined] TO CANADIAN AND AMERICAN AIRMEN [/underlined]

[underlined] A [/underlined]
15 ARSENEAU, M.L. (LAW). Bathurst New Brunswick.
16 ANDERSON, K.B. (Flt/Lt) 112 St Clairns, Toronto.
26 ALETTES, Howard G Kitchener, Ont.
30 AMMON(?), CP Montreal, P.Q.
30 ANDERSON, Kay Grande Prairie, Alberta
33 ARMSTRONG, R.G. Toronto, Ont
33 ABRAMS, G.S. New Brunswick
34 ANDERSON, J.C. Toronto, Ont
35 ANDERSON, L.A. Demaire, Sask.
41 ADAMS, W.E. New Westminster, B.C.
43 ANTHONY, R.J. Hamilton, Ont
43 ANDERSON, A.R. Winnipeg, Manitoba
47 AUCHARME, J.C.A. Montreal, P.Q.
50 ARNOLD, BUD Toronto, Ont
52 ASHDOWN, J.N. Toronto, Ont
74 AINSLIE, CRAIG & HELEN (420 Sqn) Comber Ont.
76 ARSENAULT, J. ARTHUR Chandler, P.Q.

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[underlined] B [/underlined]
10 BROWN, J.A. Toronto, Canada
12 BLYTH, R Montreal, Canada
12 BROOKES, G.G. Toronto and Halifax
13 BAXTER, E Toronto, Canada
14 BRUCE, A.H.G. Toronto, Canada
15 BISSENETTE, GEORGE(?) Montreal, Quebec
15 BULMEL, (LAC) Montreal, Quebec
17 BADENACH, W.R. (P/O) Indian Head, Sask.
19 BINNING, R.D. (Sqd Ldr) Wetaskiwin, Alberta
19 BAYNHAM, Doug. Toronto, Ontario
20 BARKER, GEORGE Brandon, Manitoba
21 BOLD, JAMES Waterloo, Quebec
22 BLOTT, RENIE Leader, Sask.
23 BALLANTYNE, B.H. Windsor, Ont.
24 BURK, D’ARCY H. Sudbury, Ont.
26 BERGER, S. (F/L) Ottawa, Ont.
26 BOYD, T.O.R. Toronto, Ont.
27 BRODERICK, K.W. Calgary, Alberta
27 BROWN, R.L. Red Deer, Alberta
27 BIRD, D.J. Toronto, Ont
28 BLACKFORD, A. Toronto, Ont
28 BASTILLE, E. Riviere-du-Loup[?], P.Q.
28 BRISBIN, M.J. Isabella, Manitoba
28 BAMFIELD, JOHN Niagara Falls, Ont.
28 BENNETTS, T.M. Hamilton, Ont.
29 BESSETTE, J.H. (L.A.C.) Edmonton, Alberta.
30 BLOCK, WALLY Waterloo, Ont.
31 BROWNLEE, J.C. Belleville, Ont.
31 BESSONETTE, J.H.H. Montreal, Canada
33 BOULANGER Montmagny, P.Q.
34 BAUDERK, BAXTER Claresholm, Alberta
34 BENOIT, “BENNY” (W/O) “The Parachute Kid”, Toronto, Ont
35 BELL, LESLIE W Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
36 BROUGHTNEY(?), B London, Ont.
36 BASTILLE, E. Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec
39 BAKER, J.W. Preston, Ontario
39 BLATCHLEY, H.H. Ottawa, Ont.
39 BLANCHARD, K.G. Toronto, Ont.
40 BATTY, HOWARD, E. Hamilton, Ont
40 BERGWIN, S.J. Grand Frere, P.Q.
40 BARBEAU, PAUL (P/O) Ottawa, Ont
41 BROLBY, PETER. G. Vancouver, B.C.
41 BAIN, KEN Halifax, Nova Scotia
41 BARNES, CHARLES Winnipeg, Manitoba

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[underlined] B Cont’d. [/underlined]

43 BLAKELY, ARTHUR N. Montreal, P.Q.
43 BISHOP, V.S. Barrie, Ont.
44 BLENKHORN, ARNOLD Achol, Nova Scotia
45 BRIGGS, C.W. Ottawa, Ont
45 BEAMERHAUF, G. Montreal, P.Q.
46 BUTCHER, J.M. Loughead, Alberta
47 BROWNE, G.D. Lorigne[?], Ont.
48 BALLANTYNE, T.F. (F/O) Toronto, Ont
48 BISHOP, A.A. Calgary, Alberta
49 BURK, D.H. Sudbury, Ont.
49 BEACHELL, L. Winnipeg, Manitoba
51 BIGG, J Regina, Sask
52 BARTHEL, R.D. Galt, Ont.
52 BERRENGER, G Halifax, Nova Scotia
52 BRITTAIN, E.C. Brentford, Ont.
62 BAKER, DUNCAN Waco, Texas, USA
64 BANKS, LEN Vancouver, B.C.
70 BARKER, Mrs & Miss La Jolla[?], Calif, USA
74 ( BAURDAGES, LAURETTE G. 7, Rue Rose de Cidres
74 ( BAURDAGES, PAUL Brisbriand, Quebec.
74 ( BROWN, JOSEPH C. 276, Maplewood Ave
74 ( BROWN, ROSALIND L. Winnipeg, Manitoba
74 x( BEARISTO, DICK 10231 -108 Ave, Grande
74 x( BEARISTO, PHYLLIS Prairie, Alberta
74 BRADLEY, ART & KAY 72 Daleside Cresc. Toronto
75 BOUCHARD, E Anjou, Montreal, P.Q.
75 BAUDRARD, MADELAINE Faurnier. Anjou, P.Q.
76 BARBER, P. Toronto, Ont.
76 BOUCLEARE, CAM. Shediac. New Brunswick

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[underlined] C [/underlined]
3 CUSSE, Olaf A. C.P.N.
3 * CAMP, S.C. Collingwood, Ontario
3 * CHISHOLM, R.J. Vancouver
4 CRAIG, F.J. Vulcan, Alberta
7 * COPELAND, T.[?] D. Dundalk, Ontario
14 CANTIN, A ? (Flt/Sgt) Quebec City
14 CLARKE, N.S. Ft.William, Canada
15 CLARK, T. (Cpl) Vancouver, B.C.
15 CHURCH, G. (LAC) Toronto, Ont.
15 CLARKE, J.A. (LAC) Alberton, Prince Edward Island
16 CAMERON, A.H. Moncton, New Brunswick.
16 CHESS, D. (W/O.) St Catharines, Ont.
16 CLAIRMONT, G. (W/O) Hull, Quebec
17 * COTTON, D. Vancouver, B.C.
17 CLARK, C.S. Woodstock, New Brunswick
18 “CLARK GABLE” Hollywood, California, USA
19 COATES, BABS Regina, Sask.
20 COCHRAN, A.G. (P/O) Leamington, Ontario
22 CHARBONNEAU, G. Ottawa, Ontario
22 CHANDLER. R.E. Toronto, Canada
23 * COPELAND, J.C. Dundalk, Ontario
23 * CAMMAART, F.P. Wallanburg, Ont.
26 * CONROY, R.F. Truro, Nova Scotia
27 COPELAND, J.L. Dundalk, Ont.
27 * CAMPBELL, R.R. (F/O) Regina, and Montreal, P.Q.
30 CAIRNS, J.D. Duncan, B.C.
31 CUNILL, W.R. Dundalk, Ont
31 COROSE, Rocky Lawrence, Mass. USA
32 CHARBONNEAU, L.T. Ft. William, Ont.
33 CRATE, L Prince George, B.C.
34 CABB, A.B. Big Valley, Alberta
35 CLINTON, D.C. Burlington, Ont.
35 COLE, H.J. Toronto, Ont.
36 CORMIER, A.A. Calgary, Alberta
38 CLARK, ANNE (LAW) ___
39 CALANGIS [?], GEORGE Vancouver, B.C.
40 CATO, ROBERT Quebec.
41 COHEN, SYD. Toronto, Ont.
41 CORY, T.R. Windsor, Ont.
43 COTTINGHAM, “SKEETER”, Vancouver, B.C.
44 CROWDER, MORRIS Picayane, Miss. USA.
44 CLAYTON, KEN Kindersley, Sask.
45 CHOFFEC, M.J. Lethbridge, Alberta
48 CHURCH, D.F. Peterboro, Ont

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[underlined] D [/underlined]

12 DRUCET, Jerry
12 * DAVIES, Bill Halifax, Canada
12 DURHAM, C.G. Drembeller
13 DELISLE, C.M. (P/O) Montreal, P.Q.
15 DUFRESNE, Loui Hudson, Quebec
16 DALLAIRE, R (Flt/Sgt) Montreal, Quebec
16 DESCHINES, M. “ Ottawa, Ont.
23 DINNING, J.B. Edmonton, Alberta.
29 DAWSON, EDNA Vancouver, B.C.
29 DUMATT, W.C. Kitchener, Ont.
31 DAVIS, ROY. J. Porcupine, Ont.
34 DIKE, AL. F. Mt. Albert. Ont.
36 DUNNE, R.H. Toronto, Canada
37 DIXON, “MICKEY” (L.A.W.) Arcula, Sask
37 DOBSON, K.M. Stratford, Ont.
38 * DIXON, A.A. Toronto, Ont
39 DAVIS, H.R. Hamilton, Ont
40 DUPUIS, W. Ottawa
40 DESBIENS, J.J. Chicoutini, P.Q.
40 DUROCHER, M Montreal
42 DAVIS, M.A. Beauhamois, Quebec
43 DOAL, HELEN Almonte, Ont
44 DAY, J.L. Owen Sound, Ont
45 DUROCHER, J.E. Montreal, P.Q.*
45 DOBIN, MEL (F/O) Montreal, P.Q.
48 DOLLINGER, K.C. Port Colborne, Ont.
51 DONOGHUE Peterboro, Ont
62 DUNBAR, JOHN O. Lafayette, Indiana, USA
67 DALES, E.M. Vancouver, B.C.
75 DUNCAN, J.G. Vancouver, B.C.

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[underlined] C cont’d [/underlined]

48 CHADDER, REG Guelph, Ont.
48 CONNAL, J. (F/O) (433 Sqn) Vancouver, B.C.
49 CHOLETTE, R.V. Westmount, Montreal, P.Q.
52 CARROLL, H.J. Halifax, Nova Scotia
53 CLARK, J.H. (W/Cmd) London, Ont.
70 CARR, MRS PERCY Banning, Calif. USA
75 CORKELL, CLEM (409, 425, 430 Sqns). Heichen, Alberta
76 x CODE, NORA (Sister of F/O J. H. Hudson). Perth, Ont

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[underlined] E [/underlined]

12 * EVANS, J.H. (“Smudge”) Waterloo, Canada
15 * ELLIOTT, DON (P/O) Springhill, Nova Scotia
16 ELLAR, V.G. (P/O) Kitchener, Ont
21 ELLIOTT, J.A. Prince Albert, Sask
27 * EDWARDS, B.F. (P/O) Bloomington, Minnesota, USA
33 ERRETT, J.A. [indecipherable word], Minnesota, USA
38 * EBER, R.A. Hamilton, Ont.
40 EVANS, TED Toronto, Ont
40 ERICKSON, REG Edmonton, Alberta
46 ESSELTINE, W.C. Tillsonburg, Ont
46 ELLIOTT, W.C. Edam, Sask.
47 EDWARDS, J.B. Killarney, Manitoba

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[underlined] F [/underlined]
8 FARNUM, Patrick Montreal, P.Q.
8 FARNUM, Ambrose “ “ RCAF
12 FAUQUIER, J.E. Ottawa, Canada
14 FADDEN, LLOYD (Sgt) Seattle, Washington USA
16 FORMIER, J. (Flt/Sgt) Edmunston, New Brunswick
16 FIELD, P.F. (Flt/Lt) Montreal, Canada
19 FLINT, BRYANT. (Cpl) Toronto, Canada
19 FLINT, BUD. Toronto, Canada
21 FRIOT, A.W. (“Barney”) Dryden, Ontario
23 FERGUSSON, ALAN Vancouver, B.C.
29 FRASER, M.A. Montreal, P.Q.
39 FOX, A.M. Calgary, Alberta
40 FROUDE, L. M. Montreal, P.Q.
42 FORD, J Rilocone, [?] B.C.
43, 47 FLANA HAN, PAUL L. New Westminster, B.C.
44 FRENCH, SAM Moncton, New Brunswick
48 FOSTER, W.E. London, Ont.
51 FRANZ, H.J. Hellmond, Sask.
52 FAHEY, PHIL Glen Barn, [?] Sask.
62 FITZGERALD, THOMAS Yonkers, New York, USA
75 FRECKLETON, ROY [indecipherable word] Ont.

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[underlined] G [/underlined]

12 GRAY, Stinky Pine Gulch, B.C.
13 GUYATT, E.C. Sgt Calgary, Alberta
14 GULISTONE, J.R. Windsor, Ont.
15 GILLIES, L.E. P/O Paris, Ontario
23 GREENHALGH, L.B. (F/O) Saskatoun, Sask
24 GOSLING, R. Ft. William, Ont
31 GRAVEL, M.Y. (F/Sgt) Montreal, P.Q.
33 GUILHERIN, P Montreal, P.Q.
36 GRUNDY “BOB” [?] Windsor, Ont.
38 GERMANS(?) J.E. (Sqd/Ldr) Toronto, Ont.
39 GOLDIE, J.K. (F/Lt) Regina, Sask.
41 GILLESPYE, J.H. Dryden, Ont
42 GOTTS, V Keewatin, Ont
43 GIBSON, J. E. Kingston, Ont
47 GALLAGHER, HERMAN Swift Current, Sask
47 GILLEN, E. W. (Wing/Comdr) St. John, New Brunswick
49 GOW, J. Calgary, Alberta
50 GAMBLES, C. R. Toronto, Ont
18 “GABLE, CLARK” Hollywood, California, USA

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[underlined] H [/underlined]

6 * HEATHER, R. J Toronto, Canada
9 HOWELL, H. DORIS Toronto, Canada
10 * HENDERSON, BILL Vancouver, Canada
11 HARPER, MARY D. J. Brock, Saskatchewan
12 HENRY, ROY. A. Toronto, Canada
14 * HOPLEY, A. F. Sgt Humber Bay, Ontario
14 HICKS, L. B. (LAW) St John, Newfoundland.
14 HATTON, W.R.R. Toronto, Ont
15 HUTTON, G. S. Toronto, Ont
15 HUGHES-GAMES, A. S. Kelowna, B. C.
17 HARRIS, A. E. Sarnia, Ontario
18 HERRING, G. Toronto, Ontario
18 HARPER, OWEN Winnipeg, Manitoba.
19 HENRY, M. J. Prescott, Ontario
20 HOCKEY, J. ERIC Kentville, Nova Scotia
20 HOLOWCHUK, MILTON E. Kill Winnipeg, Manitoba
21 HERRON, W. G. Toronto, Ontario
22 HAYES, G. B. Chatham, Ontario
22 HINDE, S. H. Vancouver, B. C.
22 HODGKINSON, M. W. St. Catherines, Ont
24 HOLMES, PETER St. Johns, Newfoundland
25 * HAWKINS, STAN A. Toronto, Canada
25 * HENDERSON, D.A. Thorham, [?] Nova Scotia
25 HOPKINS, B. L. (Sqd Ldr) Hamilton, Ont.
26 HURLEY, J. L. Ottawa, Ont.
26 HAMILL, R. C. Victoria, B.C.
27 HYDE, R. V. (F/O) Calgary, Alberta.
28 HERRING, G. P. Toronto, Ont
32 HAWKINS, G. F. Sarnia, Ont.
33 HARICOT, H. Montreal, P.Q.
36 HOWE, “BOB” Brandon, Manitoba
38 * HEWSON, S. D. Hamilton, Ont.
39 HEAP, G. R. Niagara Falls, Ont
39 HOZNESENSKY, H. Abernethy, Sask
40 HARRIS, ALICIA, BETTY Atlee, Virginia, USA
41 HARE, GORDON E. St Catherines, Ont
43 HELLENS, STAN Montreal, Quebec
43 HURLEY(?) J. D. Ottawa, Canada
44 HUFFMAN, A. D. (F/O) Windsor, Ont
44 HALE, F. J. Harriston, [?] Ont
46 HOLMES, A. C. St. Johns, Newfoundland
48 HAMMER, M. T. New Hamburg, Ont.

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[underlined] H [/underlined]
48 HILL, H.N. Ft. William, Ont
48 HILL, EUGENE Toronto, Ont.
52 HERRING, GREGG Toronto, Ont.
57 HOPKINS, A.B. Baltimore, Maryland, USA
62 HAYNES, WARREN Wulows, California USA
62 HARMON, RALPH. E Springfield, Mass. USA
62 HARRIS, L.R. (Sgt.) Chicago, Illinois, USA

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[underlined] I [/underlined]
[underlined] J [/underlined]

1 JUNKER, J. N. Vancouver, B.C.
17 * JONES, L. Toronto, Ontario
18 JOHNSON, GORDON. Staveley, Alberta
21 JOHNSTON, JANE Oakville, Ontario
21 JEFFRIES, FRANCES Success, Sask.
22 JENKINS, A.D. Didsbury, Alberta
32 JACQUES, C.L. (F/O) Showinigan [?] Fall, Ont.
34 JONES, R.L. Toronto, Ont
35 JONES, NEIL Edmonton, Alberta
36 JOHNSTON, LLOYD A. Montreal, Ont.
36 JACKSON, MARY Prescott, Ont
39 JAMIESON, J.A.L. Peterboro’, Ont
40 JERRED, R.B. Moose Jaw, Sask
41 JONES, ROBERT Toronto, Ont
43 JOHNSTON, J. F. St. Thomas, Ont.
50 JONES, R. L. Toronto, Ont
51 JASPERSON, L. C. Halifax, Nova Scotia
75 ( JOHNSTON, C. K. Waterdown, Ont.
75 ( “ , EVELYN “ “

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[underlined] K [/underlined]

10 KING, J. VICTOR Weeland, Canada
21 KURSEL Toronto, Canada
22 KELLERMAN, D. F. Bruno [?], Sask.
27 KIPP, E. h. Chilliwock, B. C.
32 KARILL(?) Calgary, Alberta
32 KILBOURNE, A. D. London, Ont.
33 KAEFAS(?) A. Montreal, P.Q.
35 KINGPELBERG, J. (F/O) Mankota, Sask.
36 KLINGENDER, J. W. (LAC) Kitchener, Ont.
36 KELLY, ARTHUR H. Vancouver, B.C.
38 KENNETH, E.F.N. Brandon, Manitoba
42 KINSMAN, E. F. N. Kentville, Nova Scotia
45 KING, B. W. Montreal, P.Q.
45 KING, HELEN Uxbridge, Ont.
46 KELLETT, MURRAY Haliburton, Ont.
46 KERRY, I. G. (F/O 432 Sqn) Port Perry, Ont
48 KENSIT, T. J. (F/Lt 433 Sqn) Brentford, Ont
18[?] KELNER, N. B. N. Cobalt, Ont.

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[underlined] L [/underlined]
11 LUSTEAD, M. F. (ACW) Regina, Canada.
12 LAGO, Johnny
14 LEGARE, E. Sgt
15 LEITCH, M. L. (LAW) Roderick, Ont.
16 LAMBLY, DOUG. (Sgt) Montreal, Quebec.
16 LAROSIE, G. (Flt/Sgt) Ottawa, Ont.
16 LIGHTWARING, G. O. Toronto, Canada
18 LAROLIE, JACK. Ottawa, Ontario
18 LOCKHART, J. Toronto, Ontario
21 LOGAN, HERBERT Valor, Sask
22 LEWIS, J. M. Sackville, New Brunswick
22 LANE, V. Welland, Ontario
24 LYE, BEVERLY Toronto, Ont.
25 LENIERE, A. J. Melville, Sask.
25 LANGDOWN, H. J. Ingersoll, Ont.
25 LAING, JACK N. Toronto, Ont.
26 LECLERC, NELSON Montreal, Canada
27 LOCK, H. E. New Westminster, B.C.
29 LANDRY, PETER C. Montreal, P.Q.
30 LEITCH, MARGARET Kamloops [?], B.C.
30 LACAILLE, J. P. Grand Lac Magog, P.Q.
32 LESTER, ALLISON E. St John, New Brunswick
36 LARSEN, C. A. Longueirl[?], Quebec
38 * LOUIE, QUAN JIL Vancouver, B.C.
38 * LE BLANC, A. T. Westville, Nova Scotia
39 LEVINE, SAMUEL R Toronto, Ont
40 LEGGE, F. H. Galt, Ont
41 LESTER, SIR ALLISON EDWARD Fairville, New Brunswick
42 LEDINGHAM, H. F. Sudbury, Ont.
42 LEE, NANCY Windermere, B.C.
43, 47 LA PLANTE, J. M. St. Chrysostorne, [?] Quebec.
44 LYELY, GEORGE Cleveland Ohio, USE
44 LAVERS, MILFORD Truro, Nova Scotia
44 LEONARD, CY Toronto, Ont.
46 LEWIS, S. G. Winnipeg, Manitoba
47 LAURIE, J. P. Hamilton, Ont.
48 LEE, J. C. Ottawa, Ont.
52 LAMONT, DON Port Elgin, Ont.
53 LIVINGSTONE, MABEL E. Windsor, Nova Scotia
74 LABELLE, GEORGE C.P.5, Cocagne,
(405, 425 Sqn) New Brunswick

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[underlined] M [/underlined]

13 * MORRELL, SIDNEY L. P/O Gainsville Texas USA
13 MAYNARD “Bob” Toronto and Hatson, Sask.
14 McDONALD (LAW) Ft. Frances, Ont.
14 McCORMICK, A. J. E. Sgt Fairbanks, Alaska
14 MORRISON, GRANT Sudbury, Ont.
16 MOORE, S. A. (F/O) Niagara Falls, Ont
16 MACLEAN, R. (Sgt) Cap[?] Madeleine, Quebec.
16 McCUMFREY(?) J. P. (P/O) North Bay, Ont.
16 McFADDEN, A. F. Timmins, Ontario
18 McCARTHY, Bill (Flt/Sgt) Ottawa, Ontario.
18 McPHERSON I, (LAC) Oshawa, Ontario
18 MOORE, KEN. (W/O) Ottawa, Ontario
19 * MARTIN, W. E. (Sgt) Calgary, Alberta.
19 McASKILL, EDWARD A. New Westminster, B.C.
20 McMASTER, JOHN. (W/O) Edmonton, Alberta
20 MAULE, JOHN ERIC. Ottawa, Ontario
21 MENARD, J.A.G. (“Ken”) Hall, Quebec (P.Q.)
22 McCAREY, H.P.J. Windsor and Toronto, Ont.
22 MacCAUGHLIN, “Mac” West Sommerville, Mass. USA.
22 MOFFATT, T. B. Winnipeg, Manitoba
23 McROBERTS, F. M. Ft. Worth, Texas. USA.
23 MacMILLAN Toronto, Canada
23 McKENNA, G. A. Oftaira, Ontario
23 McKENZIE, G. (Flt/Sgt) Gline [?], B.C. *
24 MOSS, J. D. G. Edmonton, Alberta *
25 MILLAR, G Brooklyn, New York, USA
25 MacPHERSON, W. B. Truro, Nova Scotia
25 MACAULAY, D. M. Slave Bay, Canada.
25 MacCORMACK, J. J. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
25 MOFFATT, GEORGE H. H. Montreal, Canada
25 MILNE, GORDON C. Hamilton, Ont.
26 MILES, H. F. Toronto, Ont.
26 McMINNIES, R. E. Blamsoile [?], Ont.
26 MacLEAN, F. W. Winnipeg, Manitoba
28 MASON, J. E. (P/O) Vancouver, B.C.
29 MACLEAN, J. G. Winnipeg, Manitoba
29 MORISON, J. D. (F/O) Edmonton, Alberta
30 MONTY, H. Montreal, P.Q.
30 MacDIARMID, DAVE Ottawa, Ont
31 McGREGOR, GUS (Sgt) Brandon, Manitoba
31 McCULLOCH, J. R. Portago and Prairie, Manitoba.
31 MARCEAU, FERNAND Montmagny [?], P.Q.
32 McNICOL, W. J. Vancouver, B.C.
32 McHANDRY (P/O) Montreal, P.Q.

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[underlined] M (Contd) [/underlined]

32 MINTO-SWAN, W. J. Vancouver, B.C.
32 MANN, LLOYD. A. Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
33 McCARTHY J. J. Ottawa, Ont
33 McDONALD, A. M. New Hatsford, Nova Scotia
33 MURPHY, R. A. Brunswick, Oklahoma, USA
33 McDONALD, R. W. Toronto, Ont.
34, 38 McKEE, Bill TORONTO, ONT.
34, 38* McLEOD, WILF London, Ont.
35 MARSHALL, ARMAND, Detroit, Michigan, USA.
35 MOSSMAN, L. (F/O) Lunenberg,[?] Nova Scotia
37 McGILLIVRAY, JEAN (Cpl) Montreal, Canada
38 McCLUCKIE, J. Vancouver, B.C.
38 McNABB, H. ROY. Caligary, Alberta
38 * McDIVITT, K.O. Bala, Ont.
40 MAHAFFY, S. L. Winnipeg, Manitoba
40 MARCOTTE, J. L. (F/O, DFC) Montreal,
41 MAXWELL, J. A. Mieland [?], Ont.
41 MARK, TOM Victoria, B.C.
41 MURRAY, PAT Winnipeg, Manitoba
41 MAYNARD, JIMMIE Chatham, Ont
42 MORFORD, SHIRLEY Sarnia, Ont.
43 MAYNARD, T. (Cpl) Chatham, Ont.
43, 46 McCARTHY, W. O. Halifax, Nova Scotia
44 MEADUS, HECTOR. St. John’s, Newfoundland
44 MILLS, JOE Toronto, Ont
45 MOYER, A. P. Guelph, Ont.
46 MacLEAN, J. BEATTIE 3207, Quisnelle Drive, Vancouver, B.C.
46 McLAUGHLIN, HAROLD E. (F/O) (420 Sqn) Grand Falls, New Brunswick.
46 McSWENY, C. N. (A.V-M) Montreal, P.Q.
46 METAYER, C. A. Quebec.
47, 50 MacDONALD, TOM Moose Jaw, Sask.
47 MONTY, GEORGE Rosemount, Montreal
48 MUNDY, G. EARL Montreal, P.Q.
51 McNEAL, H.A.R. Windsor, Ont.
52 MORELAND, BRUCE Ottawa, Ont.
62 MORDON, KERMON W. Perth Amboy [?], New Jersey, USA
62 MAINWARING, H. Toronto, Ont.
74 McCANN, GINNIE Georges Mill, New Hampshire USA
75 MacGREGOR, ARLENE Truro, Nova Scotia
75 McADAM, BILL Minden, Ont.
76 McRAE, IRIS & M. Royal Oak, Michigan, USA

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[underlined] N [/underlined]

23, 39 * NOREJKO, STEPHEN L. Montreal, Canada.
24 NORUM, MARGOT Simpson, Sask.
26 NACINE, R. G. Maniton, Manitoba
29 NEY, H. Toronto, Ont.
31 NOWAZEK, J. T. Flin Flan, Manitoba
44 NICKOLLS, ROY Ingersoll, Ont
50 NICOLL, P. Naaramata [?], B.C.

[underlined] O [/underlined]

20 ORPEN, R. L. Toronto, Canada
25 O’LEARY, MICHAEL BOIAN Rockcliffe Pk, Ottawa
28 ODLUM, HAL Kelowna, Okanagan Valley, B.C.
28 OLAUSON G. C. Saskatoon, Sask.
32 O’BRIEN, R. W. (F/L) Burlington, Ont.
35 O’REGAN, EDDY (WAAF) _____
48 OEHM, F. W. (P/O) (433 Sqn) Stratford, Ont
75 O’LEARY, LLOYD Richmond Hill, Ont.
76 OLSEN, LAWRENCE & WIN Camrose, Alberta

[page break]

[underlined] P [/underlined]

15 PETTIT, D. O. F/O Edmonton, Camrose, Alberta
18 PARENT, GILLES E. (Sgt) Ste [?] Agathe, Quebec
19 POTHICARY, JACK Armstrong, B.C.
23 * PERRY, BILL (408) Toronto, Ont.
24 * PARKINSON, W. H. Guelph, Ont.
26 PULLMAN, GERALD J. (F/O) Toronto, Ont.
27 PECK, RICHARD Montreal.
28 PORTER, R. M. (F/L) Ottawa, Ont
29 PEIRCE, JUNE Calgary, Alberta
30 PEACHEY, R. L. Prince Rupert, B.C.
32 PATTERSON, H. L. Fredericton [?], New Brunswick
32 PARENT, D. E. (Sgt) Ste. Agathe des Monts, P.Q.
32 PARADIS, Y. M. (Sgt) Montreal, Canada.
33 * PRITCHARD, G. F. Ottawa, Ont.
35 PARKER, D. M. Wellingboro and Toronto
38 PIKE, A. F. Mt. Albert, Ont.
38 PINE, PINKER Port Colborne [?], Ont.
41 PRINCE, R. E. Toronto, Ont.
42 PIERCE, C. H. Riston, Manitoba
43 PETTER, F. J. R. Drumkaller [?], Alberta
43 PERRY, W. B. Winnipeg, Manitoba
43 PELTER, G. A. Cassidy, B.C.
43 PITTS, D. N. Winnipeg, Manitoba
44 PURDUM, JOHN H. Grants Pass, Oregon, USA
45 PROUD, LLOYD Yanham, B.C.
45 POTTER, ALAN Toronto, Ont.
45 PATTERSON, PAT Perth, Ont
47 POULIOT, PAUL Quebec City
51 PATRICK, G. M. Kingston, Ont.
52 PELTZ, S. Montreal, P.Q.
52 PALEN, EDDIE Ottawa, Ont

[page break]

[underlined] P [/underlined]

15 PETTIT, D. O. F/O Edmonton, Camrose, Alberta
18 PARENT, GILLES E. (Sgt) Ste. Agathe. Quebec
19 POTHICARY, JACK. Armstrong, B.C.
23 * PERRY, BILL (408) Toronto, Ont
24 * PARKINSON, W. H. Guelph, Ont.
26 PULLMAN, GERALD J. (F/O) Toronto, Ont.
27 PECK, RICHARD. Montreal
28 PORTER, R. M. (F/L) Ottawa, Ont.
29 PEIRCE, JUNE Calgary, Alberta
30 PEACHEY, R. L. Prince Rupert, B.C.
32 PATTERSON, H. L. Fredericton, New Brunswick
32 PARENT, D. E. (Sgt) Ste. Agathe des Monts, P.Q.
32 PARADIS, Y. M. (Sgt) Montreal, Canada
33 * PRITCHARD, G. F. Ottawa, Ont.
35 PARKER, D. M. Wellingboro and Toronto
38 PIKE, A. F. Mt. Albert, Ont.
38 PINE, PINKER Port Colborne, Ont.
41 PRINCE, R. E. Toronto, Ont
42 PIERCE, C. H. Riston, Manitoba
43 PETTER, F. J. R. Drunkaller, [?] Alberts
43 PERRY, W. B. Winnipeg, Manitoba
43 PELTER, G. A. Cassidy, B.C.
43 PITTS, D. N. Winnipeg, Manitoba
44 PURDUM, JOHN H. Grants Pass, Oregon, U.S.A.
45 PROUD, LLOYD Yanham, B.C.
45 POTTER, ALAN Toronto, Ont
45 PATTERSON, PAT Perth, Ont
47 POULIOT, PAUL Quebec City
51 PATRICK, G. M. Kingston, Ont.
52 PELTZ, S. Montreal, P.Q.
52 PALEN, EDDIE Ottawa, Ont

[page break]

[underlined] R [/underlined]

13 REDMAN, M. Montreal, P.Q.
18 ROFFEY, MIKE (Flt/Sgt) Toronto, Ontario
19 RAINDAHL, MARTIN Horizon, Sask.
19 ROGERS, I. J. Moose Jaw, Sask.
20 RYAN, J. R. Peterboro, Ontario
21 RAE, WILLIAM W. Medecine[?] Hat, Alberta.
21 RAY, N. M. Timmins, Ontario
24 REID, F. M. Montreal, Canada
24 RAETZEN, ALAN. Windsor, Ont.
25 RODOWICK, J. Saskatoon, Sask
27 ROCQUE G. J. (LAC) Lanark, Ont.
30 ROB, CHAUD Bathurst, New Brunswick
30 ROBILLARD, J. C. M. Montreal, P.Q.
33 ROSS, R I. Islet, Canada
35 ROBERTS, STANLEY R. Young, Sask.
39 RICE, A. J. Windsor, Ont
42 RENNIE, G. M. Bathurst, Nova Scotia
42 READ, DOROTHY Meota, Sask.
43 RAWLINGS, JOHN L. Toronto, Canada.
45 REID, C. Montreal, P.Q.
45 READER, LEN Toronto, Ont.
46 RENAUD, J. A. R. (Sgt) Montreal, P.Q.
47 RHEAUME, E Edmonton, Alberta
49 RAWSON, JAKE 53 Adelaide St., E. Toronto
51 RUSSELL, R. J. Calgary, Alberta
75 REGAN, DESMOND San Diego, Calif, USA.
75 RAE, JAMES Calgary, Alberta

[underlined] S [/underlined]

12 STEEN, A. H. (“Howie”) Guelph, Can.
12 SMITHY, H. M. Toronto, Canada
12 SLAMON, G. R. Winnipeg, Canada
15 STRONG, R. J. (P/O) Drake, Sask.
15 SPACKMAN, W. R. Innisfail, Alberta
18 SKINNER, DAVY. (Flt/Sgt) Mount Brydges, Ont
19 SEELEY, M. J. Montreal, P.Q.
20 STEVENSON, D. F. Kingston, Ontario
21 SCHNOTER, DON Vancouver, B.C.
23 SKINNER, DAVE Hamilton, Ont.
23 SAUVE, J. D. (Flt/Sgt) Cornwall, Ont.
24 SECCOMBE, PATRICIA. Toronto, Ont.
25 SCOTT, HUGH B. Hamilton, Ont.
26 SHEPPARD, W. C. Toronto, Ont.
27 SANQUHAR, J. W. Woodstock, Ont.
29 STRINE, C. H. (F/L) Montreal, Canada
29 SHORE, LEONARD, W. D. Portagela, Prairie, Manitoba
30 SUTHER, M. C. Hawarden, Sask.
30 STONE, H. I. Tofield, Alberta
31 SALLOWS, MALCOLM, M. Orillia, Ont.
31 ST. ARNAUD, FRED Port Arthur, Ont.
32 STARK, C. A. Berwick, Ont.
33 * SURLES, CHARLES P Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA
34 SCOTT, R. C. (Sqd/Ldr) Strasbourg, Sask.
34 SORLEY, RONALD M. Toronto, Canada
36 STEWART, FRED. Ottawa, Ont
39 STONEHAM, D. W. Saskatoon, Sask
39 STACKHOUSE, C. L. St. Lambert, Quebec
39 STACEY, A. E. I. Saskatoon, Sask
40 SOLOMON, STANLEY Toronto, Ont
40 * STREET, J. Toronto, Ont
40 ST. AMOUR, ROGER Montreal, P.Q.
41 SULLIVAN, STAN. Saskatoon, Sask
41 SALLOWS, MALCOLM Pincher Creek, Alberta
42 * STINSON, H. K. DFC (Sqd/Ldr) Lindsay, Ont
42 STOPES, M. J. Vancouver, BC.
42 SPENCER, ROSE E. Fairy Glen, Sask
42 STAGG, CONSTANCE E. Ft. William, Ont
42 SIMONS, LILIAN G. Toronto, Ont.
43 SHOLUND, G. A. L. Kimberley, B.C.
44 SENGER, BOB Springfield, Illinois, USA
44 SORGE, ART Winnipeg, Manitoba
44 STUTHARD, JOE Montreal, P.Q.
45 SAVAN, J. W. Toronto, Ont.

[page break]

[underlined] S Contd [/underlined]

45 SMITH “TINY” ___
45 SHORE, LEONARD W. Sudbury, Ont. And Portaga-la-Prairie, Manitoba
45 SARRIS, GEORGE Toronto, Ont.
46 STEVENS, WILF Toronto, Ont.
47 STOBBART, D. R. Kalamagoo[?], Michigan USA and Edmonton, Alberta
48 STRELCHUK, A (F/Lt) (433 Sqn) Winnipeg, Manitoba
49 SAMPSON, A. J. Sydney, Nova Scotia
51 STOCKWELL, G. R. Stratford, Ont.
58 SUNTER, GUERILL E. W. Montreal, P.Q.
75 SWAIN, ROY Montreal, P.Q.
75 SAVOIE, ARMAND & DELORES 209, Rainbow St. Gloucester, Ont.

[page break]

[underlined] T [/underlined]

10 TUCKER, J. F. Waterloo, Canada
12 TANSEY, GORDON Montreal, Canada.
12 TEFEBURNE, ROD Montreal, Quebec
12 * TRASK, C. Meadow Lake, Sask.
14 THIN, L. M. J. (L.A.W.) Qu’ Appelle, Sask.
22 TAPPING, A. J. Winnipeg, Manitoba
28 TASSIGNY, R. Montreal, Ont
30 TUCKER, FRANK. Edmonton, Alberta
31 THORNE, CHARLES B. Toronto, Ont.
31 TREMBLAY, L. P. (F/Sgt) Quebec, Canada.
33 TELMAN (LAW) Ottawa, Ont.
40 TREMBLAY, L. T. Montreal
41 THOMPSON, K. S. Halifax, Nova Scotia
42 THEIS, L. M. Qu’ Appelle, Sask
50 TAIT, A. HORACE Toronto, Ont.
51 TODD, K. Edmonton, Alberta
76 x THRENAULT, EVA Glen Glass, P.Q.

[page break]

[underlined] V [/underlined]

18 * VENBER, NICK Ranaimo, B.C.
30 VAUGEL, A L. Winnipeg, Manitoba
31 VOLKMAN, J. J. Dryden, Ont
32 VERRET, GEORGE Quebec, Ont
41 VAILLANEAULT, MYRREL Wakefield, Quebec
45 VERIER, J. A. _____
46 VAN DAELE, G (Flt/Sgt) Norwood, Manitoba
47 VILLENEUVE, V (sqn/Ldr) St Eugene, Ont.

[underlined] W [/underlined]

13 WRIGHT, L. C. Winnipeg, Manitoba
14 WILSON, M. H. (LAW) Regina, Sask.
22 WALLS, R. B. Cardston[?], Alberta
23 * WILSON, J. A. Welland, Ontario
23 WILSON, F. R. Ottawa, Ont.
25 WADDELL, M. Montreal
27 WINCH, A. Paris, Ont.
29 WYE, J. E. Regina, Sask
29 WURTITE, E. L. Montreal, P.Q.
29 WISMER, IRVINE Kitchener, Ont.
32 WALKER, “HOCK”. (Adj) Port Hope, Ont.
33 WELSH, T. T. Flin Flan, Manitoba
35 WAKEFIELD, T. J. Vancouver, B.C.
35 WALTON, ED. OK Valley, Summerland, B.C.
36 WILLIAMS, LLOYD F. Winnipeg, Manitoba
37 * WILSON, T. A. Welland, Canada
38 * WATSON, BILL Toronto, Ont
38 WUTELE, LORNA Victoria, B.C.
39 WILSON, H. (F/O) Toronto, Ont.
41 WILLIAMS, G[?] J. Lindsey, Ont
42 WATERHOUSE, J. S. Calgary, Alberta

[page break]

[underlined] W Cont’d [/underlined]

43 WILHART, H. L. Edmonton, Alberta
44 WILLIAMS, “MACK” Shabby Bay, Ont.
44 WALKER, HERB C. Paducah[?], Kentucky, USA.
44 WEBB, LEN Teralotton, Ont
46 WORTHINGTON, WM. R. (432 Sqn) Toronto, Ont
46 WICKS, J. Vancouver, B.C.
48 WALKER, H. J. Winnipeg, Manitoba
48 WHITCOMBE, HARRY Toronto, Ont
48 WARD, R.C.H. (F/Lt) Battleford, Sask.
51 WOOLF, R. E. Hill Spring, Alberta
62 WILLIAMS, BILL Madison, Wisconsin, USA
74 WALKER, GEORGE Georges Mills, New Hampshire, USA
74 x WOODWARD, JIM & MILLIE Edmonton, Alberta
74 WADDELL, DICK & BETTY (431 Sqn) UK.
75 WAUGH, J. HARRY Truro[?], Nova Scotia

[page break]

[underlined] Y [/underlined]

4 YARLOTT, M. Stanton, Michigan, USA
21 YOUNG, WILLIAM T. Toronto, Ontario
26 YOUNG, B. Vancouver, B.C.
30 YOUNG, STEW. Stratford, Ont.

[underlined] Z [/underlined]


PV Clegg, “Mrs Mudd's café - some notes about the signatures,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 4, 2023,

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