Clegg, Peter Vernon. Aldborough Dairy and Cafe


Clegg, Peter Vernon. Aldborough Dairy and Cafe


Collection contains advert for Mudd's choicest butter, details of Aldborough Cafe, photograph, newspaper cuttings and many pages of visitors signatures. an index of visiting Canadian and American airmen, some notes on signatures and details of the death of those signing the book.




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Clegg, PV

Collection Items

Details of death of those signing the book
Listing by page of visitors' book of personnel who had signed and were subsequently killed with details.

Mrs Mudd's café - some notes about the signatures
Introduces the visitors book started on 30 December 1931 to 13 September 1959. The World War 2 part has 46 pages have a large number of signatures of Canadian airmen. Next a sketch map of RCAF and RAF airfields in North Yorkshire. Account of a visit…

Index to Canadian and American airmen whose names have been signed in the Aldborough café book
Starts with numbers for each letter of the alphabet with total of 645. Pages by letter of the alphabet with names and addresses.

Pages from Mudd's café victors' book
Seventy-six pages of signatures

Mudd meals top menus for Yorkshire Canuks
Newspaper article in Wings Abroad about "Ma" Mudd's café where RCAF personnel get some of the best meals on this side of Atlantic. Reverse side has other articles about the war.

Front of visitors' book
Address of tea room and note about an article and relation of Miss Mudd.

Woman outside a building
Full length image of a woman wearing dark dress with white collar standing in front of a wall with building in the background.

Aldborough dairy and café
Short history of café and that it became famous for ham and egg teas and became home for many aircrews during the war.

Advertisement for Mudd's choicest dairy butter with text and artwork of cows in field.
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