RAF Ludford Magna



RAF Ludford Magna


Photograph showing runway caravan manned by three airmen one using Aldis lamp, captioned 'Green - Take off'.
Photograp of five individuals talking to a seated officer studying paperwork on his desk, caption 'Rum coffee & a fag while de-briefing'. Annotated K. Scot Nav 101 Squadron Ludford Magna De-brief.
Two small photographs of family group with Nissen hut end wall as background, captioned ' Mum, Dad & Pat & Pam '46'.
Small photograph of same family group plus WAAF, same WAAF perched on a post, sandy beach as background.
Small photograph of Keith standing in front of hedge.
Telegram stamped Signal section 17 Oct 1944 RAF Hixon, it is addressed to 177463 P/O Thompson Officers Mess and reads 'Congratulations on winning decoration. Love from all at home. Mother'.
Letter to Keith Thompson from Mike Garbett. On the letter are drawings of the DFC and DFM and printed description of the medals and ribbons and the award criteria.
Certificate recording Keith Thompson's commission and subsequent promotions.
Newspaper clipping 'Huddersfield WAAF marries DFC' shows bride and groom about to enter their car after the ceremony. further caption 'Flying Officer Kenneth David Corkill D.F.C. of the Isle of Man, and his bride Miss Mary Watson of Lockwood, Huddersfield, a member of the W.A.A.F. after their wedding at the Crossland Moor Parish church, Huddersfield yesterday.'


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Seven b/w photographs, a letter, clipping and a telegram on an album page




PThompsonKG15010069, PThompsonKG15010070, PThompsonKG15010071, PThompsonKG15010072, PThompsonKG15010073, PThompsonKG15010074


' -2-, reunion in 1968. The new owner of the house could not even recall his firm when I telephoned a few weeks back. however as I had never seen his log book or talked of 101 & never knew that Costill was the skipper or that you were the Nav! From my records I can add extra details of the crew now :-
Pilot : K.D. Corkill, VR, DFC awarded c 9/44. Nav : yourself VR DFC awarded c 11/44. F/E : E.A.F. Cole VR DFC awarded c 10/44. W.Op : C. Manser VR DFM awarded c 10/44. B/A : L. Gundy (RCAF) DFC awarded c 10/44. M/U : C.S. Swales VR DFM awarded c 10/44. R/G : R.G. Welch VR DFM awarded c 10/44. Spec. W/Op : P.N.D. Skingley VR DFC c 11/44.
I hope you have some photos of your 101 days? Shots of 101's Lancs are particularly hard to come by, due no doubt to the extra secrecy and lack of film.
Will contact you soon. Are you still in the RAF? Yours sincerely Mike Garbett.



“RAF Ludford Magna,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed November 28, 2020, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/17722.

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