Caen-Carpiquet, Den Helder, Morlaix and unidentified canal



Caen-Carpiquet, Den Helder, Morlaix and unidentified canal


Top left an aerial vertical photograph of part of Caen-Carpiquet airfield. The runway runs from mid left to top right. The airfield is surrounded by a perimeter track and there is a square built up area at the bottom of the airfield.

Top right an aerial vertical photograph of an unidentified canal, parallel road and railway. The canal runs top to bottom on the left side with a parallel road on the right. with railway just to its left. At the bottom between the two is an industrial area with bomb explosions towards the right. There are bomb craters at the bottom between the railway and the road.

Bottom left and aerial vertical photograph of a town and defences. A canal/ditch runs from top left towards the centre before turning to go down to the bottom. There are buildings to the left of the ditch/canal. Where the the canal/ditch turns there is a defensive star shaped complex of ditches/canals. A number of falling bombs are visible between the right hand edge and the centre of the photograph. Photograph caption '129 FEL 23.12.42//V5 8500 0.2.21.'.

Bottom right an aerial vertical photograph of Morlaix dummy? airfield. The airfield is on the right with runway running from right to the centre. A perimeter track surround the airfield which appears covered with fields and tracks. Airfield is surrounded by open farmland. To the left there are bomb explosions over a possible dispersal area as well as on the bottom of the perimeter track and the bottom side of the runway. Photograph caption 'L. 16.5.43//8 12,000 F.P 464.'.



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